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Power goes out during activity Jennifer Gonzalez – Puerto Rico Metro

Power goes out during activity Jennifer Gonzalez – Puerto Rico Metro

On Monday in Guaynabo, the political activity carried out by Resident Commissioner Jennifer Gonzalez was affected by a power outage.

According to Las Noticias (TeleOnce), the power went out twice and Gonzalez took advantage of the situation to once again criticize LUMA Energy, the company responsible for the country’s energy distribution system.

“I’m used to the Carolinas having a power outage once a week. But that’s no different than today, when the electricity accidentally goes out in this activity. This is the Puerto Rico I want to change,” the new Progressive Party gubernatorial candidate said.

Although in her letter she criticized the work carried out by LUMA Energy, the Commissioner did not answer whether she would cancel the contract of the company responsible for the transmission and distribution system of the country’s electrical system.

Gonzalez confirmed his criticism of the company’s contract, but indicated that if he wins the 2024 elections, his plans will oversee the work of the consortium. According to the Resident Commissioner, the LUMA Energy contract is “leonine” and she criticized the ongoing power outages on the island.

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“I talked about how we have a real daily inspection here and I think we have the government tools to do this inspection. “This contract is Leonine, where he does not take any responsibility, where they say every week they want to increase the electricity bill and they do not improve the service, where there are weekly power outages This is the Puerto Rican reality that we have,” the Resident Commissioner said in an interview with Radio Borinquen (formerly WAPA Radio).

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As she did in her letter, the Resident Commissioner criticized the lack of oversight of the contract the company entered into with the Puerto Rican government as a public-private partnership.

“There is a contract that has been entered into and the governor has inherited it, but there has to be an inspection, and believe me, I am committed to not only doing the inspection, but also providing the service that they have to provide.” He added.

Last week, the Resident Commissioner sent a letter confirming her political aspirations. In it, she criticized both the company and the government because, according to her, the money was not used to rebuild the electrical grid after the impact of Hurricane Maria.

“LUMA has been a huge disappointment to Puerto Rico and I repeat that. Today we are only talking about outages and how much electricity will go up. I raised money to rebuild the electrical system and after 6 years we have seen nothing. Leadership is required to acknowledge mistakes and correct them,” Jennifer Gonzalez said in her letter. Immediately.