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Controversy continues in Guatemala: Attorney General’s Office requests withdrawal of immunity from election judges accused of fraud by Sandra Torres

Controversy continues in Guatemala: Attorney General’s Office requests withdrawal of immunity from election judges accused of fraud by Sandra Torres

Guatemala’s Supreme Electoral Court overturned the suspension of the legal status of the Similla Movement, the party of the country’s elected president, Bernardo Arevalo. (AP Photo/Moisés Castillo)

The Guatemalan Public Prosecutor’s Office requested this Tuesday to the Supreme Court of Justice The withdrawal of immunity from the five honorary judges of the Supreme Electoral Court Because of a fraud complaint filed by the former first lady’s party Sandra TorresWho lost the presidential election to the elected president Bernardo Arevalo.

The Public Prosecution’s request is one of the other judicial measures that have been taken since the first round of the presidential elections against the electoral bodiesAs well as against the boards of directors and their members who undertook the process of counting the votes, after complaints from political parties who were not satisfied with the results.

He also accelerated his investigations against the Seed movementIt is the left-wing party that propelled Arevalo to the presidency, which is being investigated by the courts for alleged irregularities in the signatures it has submitted to establish itself as a party and which is facing several attempts to suspend its legal status.

Torres’s Unity of National Hope (UNE) party filed a complaint of election fraud against a vote-counting system that reflects electoral results just over a week ago.

The party of former first lady Sandra Torres filed a fraud complaint against judges of Guatemala’s Supreme Electoral Court after the defeat in the second round. (AP Photo/Moisés Castillo)

The former first lady, who has kept silent since losing her third presidential election, refuses to accept the results announced by the Supreme Electoral Court, which gave progressive winner Arevalo.

On Tuesday, the Tokyo Stock Exchange will hand over the credentials of Arevalo and his vice-elect as president-elect. Karen Herrera.

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According to UNE lawyer Carlos LopezThe party questioned the duplication of 164 testimonies that dealt with votes cast by citizens at the ballot boxes, for which they asked judges to be investigated for alleged breaches of duty and abuse of power for electoral purposes.

During the June 25 elections, in the first electoral round, Violent incidents occurred in five municipalities in the countryThis forced a repeat of the local mayoral elections in those places on August 20, when the second round of general elections took place to elect the president and vice president.

in those municipalities Specifically, there were 164 polling stations where, in addition to presidential elections, municipal elections are repeatedThis led to the issuance of two minutes from each table, one for the presidential elections and the other for the municipal elections.

The NEC also suspected that there was hasty scrutiny and that the count would have been impossible given the speed with which results were released. For this reason, they requested a forensic analysis of the Preliminary Results Transfer System or any other system used by the Electoral Tribunal, from the first round.

Thousands of people are calling for the resignation of the public prosecutor over his interference in the electoral process (Europa Press/Contact/Fernando Chui)

Thousands of Guatemalans demonstrated today, Monday, in front of the offices of the Public Ministry in different parts of the country, to demand the resignation of the Public Prosecutor. comfort cheerswhich they refer to Trying to prevent the next president from taking office.

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The protests began last week and are also calling for the resignation of the public prosecutor Raphael com. curruchiche And the judge Freddy OrianaThey point out that they are behind the legal action against the Seed Movement, the party that achieved surprise in the elections and led the Progressive Party to win the presidency. Bernardo Arevalo.

Arevalo on Friday gave names and titles to those he believes are headed for a “coup d’état” in the Central American country and accused Porras, Corruchichi, Orellana and the Congressional board of seeking to suspend Simela’s legal status. And on Wednesday, Congress stripped the current deputies of that power from the party after Orellana ruled to suspend Simela, although there was no final ruling yet.

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