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Controversy and turmoil in Qatar: Security men threatened a team of television journalists to destroy their camera

Controversy and turmoil in Qatar: Security men threatened a team of television journalists to destroy their camera

A reporter threatened by Qataris live

The countdown to the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022 has begun, and little by little, side by side with the champions. Fans and journalists arrive from all over the world To cover and watch the event.

Controversy to dispute such an important competition in A country characterized by questionable laws regulating it It is one of the main topics discussed in recent days in parallel with sports.

This time the reporter Rasmus Tantoldt From TV2 He was threatened by a Qatari security group during the live broadcast, and after the unpleasant moment he experienced, The Qatar Supreme Committee should have issued a public apology.


Why can’t we take pictures? It’s a public place.”, the Danish journalist asked the three people who were getting out of the golf cart. The entire episode was recorded since the historian was broadcasting live from Meydan in Doha.

“Sir, I have invited everyone to come here, so why can’t we? It’s a public place,” Tantoltt continued as one of the Qataris tried to break the camera.

Later it was possible to see the moment that The journalist presented him with his credentials A press release for a policeman showing that he has all the documents necessary to work in his country. You can break the camera, do you want to break the camera?She scolded a guard, who threatened to kill her if she continued filming.


After the unpleasant moment he experienced, Rasmus Tantholdt posted the footage on his social networks and stated that after the episode went viral Twitter Received a prompt apology From the Qatar International Media Office and the Supreme Committee.

Next, in an interview with the Norwegian media NRKThe historian in question commented: “I do not think that the message of the supreme leadership in Qatar reached all the security guards,” he added.

“So it can be said that there are those who misunderstood the situation but at the same time It says a lot about the shape of Qatar. This is where they can attack and threaten you when you are reporting as a free media. This is not a free and democratic country. My experience after visiting 110 countries in the world is this: the more I have to hide, the more difficult it is to report from there.

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