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“Comtroller detects irregularities in Edenorte” |  daily menu

“Comtroller detects irregularities in Edenorte” | daily menu

the The General Comptroller of the Republic Posted this Thursday audit reports It submitted to various government entities, including the Northern Energy Distribution Company (Edenorte), in whose document no less than eighteen violations were proven.

from Vehicle rental contracts Expired, bank transfers in transit for more than one year for discrepancies between inventory of meters and transformers with respect to what was recorded in the fixed asset assistant and distribution map, are some of the anomalies revealed by this audit Carried out from September 2020 to April 2021.

the The data in the report surprised Edenort officialswho until the moment when the journalists from Listín Diario went to look for their reaction, were unaware of this, claiming, first of all, that by the time the audit was carried out, at least the legal director and contract manager were not performing this function.

The document describes, summarizes, and illustrates several anomalies of this management, starting with an assertion of a A difference of 330 compound units in the accounting records As against what the DGII recorded as 461, when it actually has 131.

Also, the fact that The Corporation does not have a control sheet to allocate 432 vehicles, of which 192 are owned and 245 are rented.

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