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Colombians who invest in Miami, Florida will receive a resident visa

Colombians who invest in Miami, Florida will receive a resident visa

Without a doubt, Miami is one of the favorite cities in the United States for Colombians and, in general, for Latin Americans who are going to continue their lives in the North American country. But, in addition, its good economy and its many attractions make it a preferred destination by investors.

For this reason, Colombians wishing to invest in Sun City must obtain a US Permanent Resident Visa or DMV. green card. something, Undoubtedly, this is a very strong reason to invest in the most Latino city in America.

This is why many people can take advantage of this double advantage, which makes Miami very attractive to many Colombians, because investing in a North American city is always good business. But if you have the bonus of getting the much-desired residency in the US, many will unhesitatingly seek to take advantage of this situation.

Colombians who want to get this permanent residency visa must invest at least 800 thousand dollars to buy projects in the projects. Who needs to put 40% down, although this may seem like a lot to start with, this payment can be financed within 20 months.

After signing the agreement, the process of getting the license starts automatically. A permanent resident visa has an estimated delivery time of 45 to 60 days, and no payment is required, previously.

This document includes benefits such as work authorization in the United States, a social security number, unrestricted travel, and permanency without time limits. In addition, the North American country provides benefits for the education of children of Colombia who decide to invest in permanent residence in Miami.

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They offer cheap flights from Miami

There’s some good news for South Floridians: Low-cost airline Spirit Airlines has launched a “Fasten Your Seatbelts for Deals” campaign, using a popular sign posted on planes before departure from any airport.

Offers are available from Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The promotions start with one-way flights starting at $40 for members of the Spirit Airlines loyalty club, which anyone can join for free.

Those who don’t want to be part of this loyalty club can still purchase very cheap flights starting at $57 dollars each way. These prices are inclusive of taxes and surcharges, so travelers aren’t left with last-minute surprises.

The airline’s offer is applicable for travel from August 16 to October 25 this year. Important thing to remember is that this promotion is valid only on Tuesday and Wednesday every week. According to Spirit Airlines, fares are limited by seat availability and bag fees are not included.

Here are the one-way prices to each destination in the United States:

Austin, Texas: $47 dollars.

Baltimore, Maryland: $40 dollars.

Boston, Massachusetts: $55 dollars.

Charlotte, North Carolina: $81 dollars.

Chicago, Illinois: $40 dollars.

Cleveland, Ohio: $40 dollars.

Columbus, Ohio: $47 dollars.

Denver, Colorado: $62 dollars.

Detroit, Mich.: $72.

Houston, Texas: $87 dollars.

Los Angeles, California: $85 dollars.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: $40.

New Orleans, Louisiana: $40 dollars.

New York, NY: $47 dollars.

Newark, NJ: $56.

Orlando, Florida: $84 dollars.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: $40 dollars.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: $75 dollars.

Richmond, Virginia: $57 dollars.

Tampa, Florida: $47 dollars.

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