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Declaraciones de la OEA sobre Haití generan respaldo del Instituto Duartiano

OAS reports on Haiti generate support from the Duartian Institute

The Opinions of the Organization of American States (OAS), asks the question shyly Action by the international community About Haiti in the last twenty years, has created Supported by Duartiano CompanyA rally was held last Saturday seeking cooperation to help the neighboring country.

The president of the aforementioned company, Wilson Gomez Ramirez, expressed his support for the announcements that the Haitian territory was “one of the strongest and most obvious failures”. He questioned the OAS because “it plays no role”. It was aimed at persuading the United Nations (UN) and the United States, France, Canada and other major powers to help Haiti.

“In fact, the OAS, the UN and the great powers have been lazy and denied themselves, because the main reason for being the aforementioned organizations is to express their full solidarity in support of countries and states in an unfortunate situation. It has done very little in support of the Haitian people,” emphasized the president of the Duarte Institute.

Gómez Ramírez pointed out that without the “serious, firm and firm” support of the international community, the Haitian situation cannot be overcome and the reconstruction process, which does not admit of delay, can begin. For this help with a great sense of urgency.

He pointed out that the Dominican people continue to cry out to come with a genuine desire to support the nation.

“It is no longer possible for us alone to continue to support Haiti and its citizens, we have many here in extreme poverty, we have urgent needs, and the burden we carry is becoming unbearable,” he added.

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Duartian Institute

The Tuartian Institute is an official and autonomous body, established on January 26, 1964, and granted autonomy by Law No. 127-01 of July 27, 2001.

Its purpose is to promote the history, ideals, values ​​and example of the patriarch Juan Pablo Duarte. It is the institution responsible for disseminating the life and examples of the Father of the Nation and the glorious history of the Dominicans.

Likewise, it tries to bring the story of Juan Pablo Duarte to the Dominican people and ensure that there is an ideal citizen through his ideals, hard work, exquisite integrity, patriotism, service spirit and exemplary life. And a homeland, just and happy, as the Father of the Nation dreamed of.