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Coffee with a Woman's Smell: The Hot Scene of Carmen Villalobos with Diego Cadaved |  Fame

Coffee with a Woman’s Smell: The Hot Scene of Carmen Villalobos with Diego Cadaved | Fame

She is one of the most successful Colombian actresses on Latin American television, and has been recognized across the continent for her role as Catalina Santana in the epic “Without Breasts There is No Heaven”, and most recently, she played Lucia Sanclement in ““.

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In the last version of the program of the same name in 1944, The actress plays the role of a villain. His character stands among the seagulls (Laura Londonoand SebastianWilliam Levi), and does his best to keep them separate.

Although it is the first time Playing the role of the antagonist, night after night surprises viewers with his brilliant performance.

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The hot scene of Carmen Villalobos and Diego Cadaved in “CAFÉ CON AROMA DE MUJER”

The artist who embodies Lucia Sanclement In the RCN novel, she is very active on her social networks, every night a new chapter of “Scented coffee for women”The translator cannot avoid commenting on what happens in the series.

Now that the fantasy has reached the final stage, the character played by Villalobos has been unleashed more than ever, and proof of that was the role the story took next. Lucia passionately accepted the story’s villain, Ivan Vallejo (Diego Cadavid), who in turn is her husband’s brother.

“If the husband does not attend her, should he turn to look the other way or not? At the moment I am a viewer, what do you think?” Said Villalobos, who was very familiar with all the opinions of fans of the series.

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“Now things are on fire,” “We’re still in shock” or “Nothing good can happen next” were some of the reactions generated by the scene in which Lucia and Evan were drawn apart by the sexual attraction of the moment.

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What will Carmen Villalobos do after “Coffee with a Woman’s Smell”?

Eight months after giving life to the first hostile character of her career, the 38-year-old actress said goodbye to Lucia Sanclemente on July 9 when recordings for the new version of this telenovela ended.

Final, no more. Bye bye Lucia (…). Do you know what I reaffirmed with Lucia? If we don’t value ourselves and don’t love each other, we will end up choosing people who won’t do that to us either. There is nothing sadder than losing your dignity to such someone else. Never this,” the translator wrote.

Carmen Villalobos announced what she would do after the end of “Coffee with a Woman’s Smell”, although she wasn’t very precise, but she said what projects it would be interesting to incorporate.

I would like it to be a series, but I’m open to hearing suggestionsSaid the actress who is taking a break at the moment to be with her family and the people she loves.

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Why hasn’t Carmen Villalobos seen the original version of “Coffee with a Woman’s Smell”?

The Colombian actress revealed in an interview with “Buen día Colombia” that she had not seen the original story of “Café con aroma de mujer” because she wanted to create her own version of Lucia.

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“I haven’t seen the first version either, so for me I just sit back and enjoy it and say: ‘What a beautiful version of this! “Catalina, who remembers “Without breasts, there is no heaven.”

Likewise, the artist stated that she could not be satisfied more with her participation in the new version of “Café con aroma de mujer” despite the challenge it poses to all artists.

“It wasn’t easy because obviously the comparisons are always there, obviously people are always talking about the first version, and be careful my people, here it’s not that we wanted to surpass or equal the first version, this is our version, this is our adaptation of a cast. It’s great and people loved it so much.”Said the wife of Colombian actor Sebastian Caicedo.

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