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Cinderella: This is Camila Cabello's revolutionary film - Cinema & Television - Culture

Cinderella: This is Camila Cabello’s revolutionary film – Cinema & Television – Culture

Step into the shoes of the famous character from Cinderella It won’t be that easy. This was previously known by the singer of Cuban origin Camila Cabello When before the challenge of making Movie The famous young girl from a fairy tale.

Interest in her and the project increased dramatically, as it was another look at a classic that had already passed – for example – through Disney’s hands in an animated 1950’s and even in a British director’s melodrama. Kenneth Brana, in 2015.

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It wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask: How does she resume the struggles of this struggling, unsuitable heroine who is attacked or mistreated all the time and ends up finding a solution to all her problems in Prince Charming? And the answer can only be by giving some new stitches and twists to the plot.

“Our Cinderella is not just a pretty face saved by a prince. He confirmed that he has dreams (not exactly the dreams of his partner) and wants to be independent.” Camila Cabello About this production already available on the platform Amazon Prime Video.

Although it encapsulates the atmosphere of a fairy tale with an aura of ancient history – with kingdoms, castles, and of course music – what has drawn strong attention is that the protagonist does not dream of living devoted to nurturing his partner to alleviate his imperfections. Or heal the wounds of a toxic family environment or a society burdened with prejudice or arrogance.

What this Cinderella really wants be an entrepreneur, Promote their designs and even a clothing brand (Dresses from Ella), at a time when such dreams were considered crazy.

An expected development for the new generation that the film wants to reach, although it plays on nostalgia by making way for songs like Sweet dreams effect this), from Eurythmics; happy times, check, or Someone you love, by Quinn, in versions covered by the musical genre.

In return, he shows a new fairy godmother (called Fab GPlayed by Billy Porter (famous for the Pose series). “She’s a character without gender, and it was a decision that came from the same place that inspired the Latin Cinderella story,” Capello added.

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“Porter is now a genderless entity, he really is a magical entity, and for me, having someone like him in that role is another way to help people and younger generations feel like they’re in the plot,” he said. Capello in an interview with the US edition of Hola magazine.

“She (Cinderella) is so loyal to herself that even if someone doesn’t do the things she believes in, she has no problem being first. When I was young, there was no such character, I saw myself reflected in it. Now there is (…). In this film we talk about important values, but it is also a fun story and for the whole family,” recalls Capello, who has made an outstanding career as a pop singer and has over 56 million followers on Instagram, but this production meant her debut in front of the cameras as a leading actress.

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In fact, the first reactions to Cinderella agreed that it was a story designed for make it shine, focused a lot on his character and artistic scope, away from singing and dancing.

“Director Kai Cannon It does its magical work, and while it doesn’t justify its existence, it makes it something more enjoyable than one might expect,” Anna Minta wrote in Desider.

While Kristen Lopez, from Indiewire, says that “Get very intense energy In their musical numbers, above some gaps in history.”

Camila Cabello seems to have had a cinematic experience, but we have to wait and see if the actress will match the fairy tale and the successes and fame she achieved in her singing career.

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