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PHOTOS: Carly Ruiz takes to the metro and shows off her curves in a flirtatious belly button look

Hardly Ruiz It caused a stir among millions of fans on social networks. on his official account FacebookFollowed by millions of fans, the famous model and influencer stole the hearts of many with his engagement to a couple Pictures in which he shone from sidewayspostcards in which she is seen showing off her graceful and voluptuous silhouette in a The relaxed belly button looks perfect for accentuating your curves.

Currently popular Fan model only Exists in Madrid Spainthe city that has already fallen in love with its beauty and risky style of dressbecause he walked the streets with his character dressed in the most revealing clothes, and he let it be seen in the latest version of the Meta platform, where he was seen using one of the most used modes of transportation all over the world.

Fall in love with Karely Ruiz from the Madrid metro

The 22-year-old influencer also shared on her official Twitter account Facebook A few shots of him being in a van Subway in Madridsporting a casual look that stole her eyes, as she revealed her curves in a knitted blouse Navela pale pink dress she teamed with high-waisted jeans and a jacket to protect herself from the Spanish city’s freezing temperatures.

Carly shone from the Madrid metro. Photo: FB @karelyruiz001

“Here on the subway” and two emojis, one with a purple devil and the other with a Spanish flag, it was like Carly She accompanied Postcards on the popular social network that has 3.7 million followers, a number that is growing and has made her one of the most beloved celebrities on digital platforms, especially when she flaunts the most sensual and dangerous outfits.

Ruizwho has established herself as one of the hottest women in Monterrey, has stolen thousands of looks among her fans With the pictures that he shared, which received more than 76,000 reactions within a few hours, between “I like” and “I like it,” he attracted the attention of his fans by allowing him to be seen using transportation, which is difficult for him to do in sideways From Mexico City, where it will surely cause a sensation.

The famous OnlyFans model conquers with her looks. Photo: FB @karelyruiz001

Carlywho recently faced controversy over a leaked video from his account Only fans Where she is seen to be very close to another girl, to which she replied with the comment that it seemed unfair to her, today she is confirmed as one of the favorites on the network, especially when she shows off her sensual silhouette in attractive and revealing looks, as she did in the last post, that is Feeling too Facebook.

The home country of Monterrey, Nuevo León, is gaining more success on the platforms every day, and as its over 10 million followers on Facebook have shown. Tik Tok Where he also managed to collect millions of “likes” and 7.8 million vids instagramthe popularity he owes to his daring clothing Accentuates your curvesand videos of him showing off his best strides and hip moves.

Monterrey woman shows off her curves. Photo: FB @karelyruiz001

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