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Cobain stands in front of Diaz-Canel's house with her daughter

Cobain stands in front of Diaz-Canel's house with her daughter

Mother On Thursday, a Cuban woman stood with her daughter in front of Miguel Díaz-Canel's house She stressed that she would not leave until she was taken care of.

Estanis Rodriguez This afternoon he went to the governor's house and a few meters away from the sentry box he issued a direct message from his account. Facebook.

“Right now, I come to the house of President Díaz-Canel with my two-year-old daughter, because I came to present the situation I live in my house, how I live, the conditions I live in, and to respond to everything,” she expressed indignantly.

According to her, the officers told her that she had to accompany them to hand over the documents, which she flatly refused.

“Someone has to take care of me and it will be the president,” he stressed.

Finally, she stressed that if no one took care of her, she would spend the night there with her daughter, and that she was only demanding her rights as a Cuban.

“And what I want is for someone to touch me inside,” he warned.

Half an hour later, and from another place, Estanis mentioned in a second post that when she was in front of Diaz-Canel’s house, the officer in car No. 236 of the State Security threatened her and told her that if she did not give him the document, he would be the one who would take her prisoner with the girl.

“I will not hide and I will not tire of telling the truth. These are my rights, the ones that belong to me in this country. If I were the daughter of a great person, Díaz-Canel, Raúl.” “From Marrero, neither I nor my daughter will have a problem here, but since we are no one's daughters, whether mothers or fathers, these things happen,” she concluded, looking annoyed.

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