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Cuban academic Alina Barbara Lopez Hernandez was released after about 12 hours of arbitrary detention

Cuban academic Alina Barbara Lopez Hernandez was released after about 12 hours of arbitrary detention

The Cuban regime released the Cuban academic on Thursday evening Alina Barbara Lopez HernandezHe was arbitrarily detained this morning while traveling from Matanzas to Havana.

Cuban activist Yamilka Lavita, known as Lara Krovs on social networks, stated on her personal Facebook page that “Alaina Bárbara López Hernández is now free; but without (access to) the Internet.”

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Hours ago, State Security revealed photos Arrest of the Cuban intellectual In Matanzas, trying to discredit her.

Profile in Facebook Atenea Matancera, linked to the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), a video emerged showing Lopez Hernandez inside a police patrol knocking on the door as a sign of protest.

The leaflet threatens the teacher with trial for “several crimes such as resistance, disobedience, and harm.”

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In the post, aimed at discrediting Lopez, he was accused of “manipulating the media to present himself as a political figure in Cuba” through “personal promotion strategies and controlling the narrative in the media” in order to “increase his visibility and mobilize popular support.” “.

This message from the ruling party in Cuba received responses from many activists, who rejected the methods of manipulation and torture practiced by state security.

Lafita denounced the leaking of the video, and “the desperate attempt to manipulate false and fraudulent words that no one believes, of course.”

“What is very clear is the vile and dirty methods (a man's voice, definitely a hero in blue, is heard threatening her) that these characters are capable of In order to exclude the teacher, Alina Barbara Lopez Hernandez“A woman who breathes civility and dignity, her right to continue on her way to Havana was violated,” the activist said.

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He noted that the police did not allow Lopez Hernandez's lawyer to reach La Playa station in Matanzas, claiming that they would not press charges.

But they left her detained there for nearly 12 hours for no reason.

“This is nothing more than another of the violations committed by SE in the service of the regime with impunity. They kidnap, psychologically torture, threaten and violate the rights of citizens who dare to raise their voices in pursuit of a free Cuba, without dictatorships.” – La Veta emphasized.

The academy, based in Matanzas, was put on trial in November last year for the alleged crime of “disobedience,” after it went out in April 2023 carrying a banner to the central park in that city to demand the release of writer and journalist Jorge Fernandez.

After the trial, Lopez Hernandez was found guilty, and the Matanzas Municipal Court ordered him to pay a fine.