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What superfood does the Microsoft founder recommend?

What superfood does the Microsoft founder recommend?

Photo: Instagram: @thisisbillgates

It is a grain from West Africa and has a history of over 5,000 years.

Bill Gatesis not only the pole behind the creation MicrosoftHe is also a famous philanthropist who has focused part of his fortune in fighting malnutrition around the world. During this arduous task, an ancient superfood caught the attention of technology pioneers for its nutrients and flavour.

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In fact, in a recent post on his personal blog, Gates Notes, the billionaire highlighted Fonio, a West African grain dating back more than 5,000 yearsAs an essential ingredient not only for its nutritional value, but also for its ability to combat climate change and ensure the future of global food.

Through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the businessman invested in… Research and development of untapped cropslike fonio, which can grow in poor soil with little water.

“Malnutrition is the number one problem I would solve if I had a magic wand,” Gates said. Highlighting the importance of this and other grains from the millet familyGrains that have supported societies in different parts of the world for centuries.

Fonio is an ancient grain known for its rapid maturation, which can be ready for harvest in as little as 6 to 8 weeks after planting. (Gates Notes)

Fonio is a staple food in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, as well as in India where it is known as ragi. Moreover, not only It is characterized by its delicious flavour, which resembles that of walnuts. But also because it is a rich source of protein, fibre, iron, zinc and many key amino acids.

The businessman admitted that “one grain, or even an entire magic family of grains, is not the solution to the world's food security problems,” although he insisted that it represents an excellent starting point towards achieving global food security. Agricultural flexibility and optimal nutrition for children.

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