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La Jornada – The nearby train will not leave Mexico: ABM president

La Jornada – The nearby train will not leave Mexico: ABM president

Mexico City. Opportunities that Mexico has in confronting the phenomenon of corporate relocation or… Close to the beach They benefited. Traditionally, no country is 100% prepared when these phenomena occur, but we are The train won't leavesays Julio Carranza, president of the Mexican Banking Association.

In an interview conducted before the 87th Banking Conference, which will be held today and tomorrow in Acapulco, Guerrero, he described rare The relationship that the bank maintained with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during the six-year period.

Express it for Mexico You better be prepared to have a female boss. She believes that the candidates are aware of the challenges.

He points out that the bankers They are not optimisticBecause the economic situation looks good.

– How do you see the general and economic situation of the country and the sector?

– It is a very interesting situation, and we must take advantage of the optimism and opportunities that exist in Mexico.

“We have to realize that the moment Mexico is experiencing is a very good moment, because the geographical situation is interesting and there have been changes in the world as a result of the pandemic.

“Supply chains have been broken and the idea of ​​the world has changed, not a global idea, but a regional idea, and transportation comes in and Mexico benefits greatly.

“When we talk about Mexico's performance last year, it did very well, there are no complaints in the economic sense, the indicators are very strong, inflation is down.

This year begins with the good news that interest rates are starting to fall. Of course there are challenges. If inflation stops or rises, it will be difficult for prices to fall, but we see seasonality in controlling inflation.

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-Mexico will hold elections in a few months. How do you evaluate the government of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador?

– For us, we had an unusual relationship with the government. They were very clear, the rules did not change, and this generated certainty and trust, a good relationship, closeness and communication.

– What can be highlighted in the current government and what can be modified?

– From an economic standpoint, for example, what we ask candidates is to take several factors into consideration.

“We need to invest in physical infrastructure, transport and energy, because all the foreign capital that arrives needs places to settle and a year of high investment will follow.

“We all have to work together, it is not just a government issue, it is a common issue, and this is what this banking conference is called, this common responsibility so that Mexico’s progress leads us all to make a great effort: investors, government and companies.

“We want to draw everyone's attention and say that we have a great opportunity and make an agreement between banks, government and companies to create programs that facilitate the development of small and micro businesses.

“Infrastructure, support for SMEs and the rule of law aspect, which includes many things, and that guarantees have a more flexible treatment, and that the security or insecurity that we experience must be confronted, and we must give it the attention it requires and it is a very complex aspect, but we must We are making a great effort, and the commitment is shared by the government, countries and everyone, to achieve greater security.

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It is essential that the rules of the investment regime do not change, are always clear, and that communication with business partners generates trust and this leads to increased foreign investment in the country.

-Should we seize the opportunity?

– There is no danger that the train will leave us, because in Mexico, when have we ever been prepared to have a chance? In developing countries, we always respond quickly to opportunities, and in Mexico we pull our efforts together very quickly.

– Do candidates understand this opportunity available to us?

-It seems so, clearly. Both male and female candidates have a very clear idea of ​​the opportunity that Mexico has, the question is how to exploit it?

-Do you think Mexico is ready for a woman to assume the presidency?

– I think we are ready, and we better be ready, because we will have a president. And what I see, of course, is that gender equality and women's equality in Mexico is growing incredibly quickly; Today, women are finally reaching executive and managerial positions, the highest positions in organizations.

The arrival of a woman to the presidency today makes us compare the situation in which the country was viewed previously and how we see it today, because we see it in a more mature way.