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Clínicas Cres responds to readers

Dr. Elena Gualar, Mn Chris Clinics, answered readers’ questions about issues such as arthritis of the thumb, bursitis, and pain after fitting a prosthesis or sports injury. Jawalar specializes in regenerative medicine, a treatment that uses a person’s biological materials, such as cells or tissues, to mitigate, improve, or cure certain diseases.

  • You can send your questions about these and other trauma-related issues through Consultatumedico.heraldo.es. The doctor will answer them on a monthly basis.

Thumb arthritis

Reader question: Welcome. Can thumb arthritis be treated?

Doctor’s reply: Any type of osteoarthritis can be treated, as it is the deterioration, erosion or disappearance of the hyaline cartilage present in the joints. Osteoarthritis of the thumb is called coxarthrosis. In addition to the genetic component, there are other influences such as the use of the joint in daily life and/or occupation and hobbies. In this condition, the joint between the wrist bone and the first metatarsal wears out, which can increase pain due to soft tissue injury. In regenerative medicine, the treatment is applied to the area where there is joint pain and wear and tear. Of course, everything depends on the condition of the joint and the requirements required of it. I recommend that you stop by our clinic and we will be able to assess your specific case, and give you the best treatment for your needs according to your condition.

Knee injury from a fall

Reader question: I am 30 years old. About six months ago, I had a fall while I was running. My knee was swollen for a week and ached inside, and when the swelling went down, the pain persisted after running for more than half an hour. It’s been a while and when I do really long workouts that area keeps getting loaded. Is it likely that you will have a tear? Will you have a solution after a long time?

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Doctor’s reply: It can be seen from what is attached that at the moment there is a bruise that affects well the kneecap and other bony parts, and also leads to inflammation of the soft tissues of the knee. With time, it is true that the discomfort should have subsided if it was just bruising and subsequent inflammation. The fact that six months have passed, and this area is still being loaded after a long workout, indicates that there is still some part of the knee gear that is affected by the need to work in constant motion. Make an appointment at the consultation and we can assess the condition of the knee with complementary examination and tests if necessary, so that we can give you the best treatment and get you back to your daily activities.

knee joints

Reader question: Hi, my dad is 86 years old and has had knee replacements in both knees, and the surgery has been in place for years. Does it make sense to turn to regenerative medicine now? It is difficult for him to walk because he says he is in pain. Thank you doctor, I don’t know what treatment could be better.

Doctor’s reply: Regenerative medicine works on living tissue, that is, once there is a prosthesis that makes no sense because the joint is not present. Yes, pain relief can be helped by concentrating growth factors in the peripheral region of the prosthesis, but as you point out, there is nothing else. Make an appointment at the clinic and we can assess the condition of both legs, because in addition to regenerative medicine, we can offer you physiotherapy that can relax and help you.

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Foot bursitis

Reader question: Welcome. My name is Paco and I am 35 years old. 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with bursitis in my left foot. I’ve tried several things during this time in sessions with a podiatrist (such as two new pairs of insoles after two footprint studies), and also techniques at a physiotherapist, such as shock waves or electromagnetic waves, and they still bother me when I walk. What can i do to solve this problem?

Doctor’s reply: Good morning, Paco. Bursitis is an inflammation of the sacs of synovial fluid that line the joints. They are caused by various causes, the most common of which are repetitive movement of the joints, pressure on them, gout, trauma … Four years of development is a long time for unresolved inflammation. Stop by our clinic to be able to thoroughly explore and assess the condition of both the joint and the peripheral soft tissues, and thus be able to prescribe the best, conclusive treatment for you.

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