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Yanet García, la chica del clima.

“Climate Girl”, Yanet Garcia, turns her back to reveal her slim butt in golden underwear

Yanette Garcia She is one of the celebrities who became famous on television, but thanks to her beauty and charismatic personality, she also managed to stand out on social networks, sharing sensual publications in which she appears in very little clothes.

If there’s one thing about the former presenter of “Hoy,” otherwise known as “Climate Girl,” it’s the bust she achieved thanks to hard days of exercise and a healthy diet, plus one secret or another that she’s kept just fine.

This was confirmed by a recent post within her Instagram account, in which she was seen wearing a bold gold-colored lingerie dress approved by her 14.6 million followers, appearing again with her back to the camera.

The revealing post corresponds to a new preview of the content he is sharing on the real fan exclusive page, where it is displayed almost naturally.

However, that was not all, because shortly before the publication of a sensational video, she, using the same set of intimate clothes, turned up the temperature by showing her bust silhouette.

In the short 13-second recording, born in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, He stroked her long hair and then turned around to see part of her body again. Who constantly generates compliments, that is, his graceful back guard.

As expected, the publication confirmed that she is one of the most exciting celebrities of this social network, having in a few hours exceeded 260 thousand copies.

Although she has shown that she knows how to perfectly style small pieces of lingerie, Yanette Garcia She has also shown off her stunning beauty with other types of outfits like suggestive bikinis that leave very little to the imagination.

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Case in point a video posted in late 2021, when he traveled to Yucatan, Mexico to shoot a fiery photo for his OnlyFans page. On that occasion, she revealed her graceful anatomy in the neon one-piece swimsuit that she took off to enter the pool.

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