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Chyno can no longer stand it, and in the midst of illness, he confirms something devastating

Chyno can no longer stand it, and in the midst of illness, he confirms something devastating

It’s been several weeks since then Chyno Miranda appeared at an event, and a video of the singer in critical condition leaves everyone with their mouths open as the fallout from his peripheral neuropathy causes him to fight for his health, fueling suspicion that he was facing this nightmare alone.

Although his wife, Nastascha Araus insisted on ensuring they remained united in the midst of the crisis for his health and that the reggaeton player had only left the apartment, having suffered from COVID-19, is now facing and confirming what many suspect.

All the details: Chyno Miranda talks about the results, while his wife fears the worst

It was through a video on Instagram Urban gender and model advocates have confirmed that they are separate, and although the artist has emphasized her support for him since the start of his recovery, he has also opened up and said they have been separated for over a year.

“I have to confess to her and be honest with everyone. I respected her as a wife and I respect my house too… We haven’t been together as a couple in over a year, okay?”The words uttered by Jesus Miranda left a lump in everyone’s throat.

in tears! Nacho, the penitent, breaks down when he talks about the critical condition of Chyno Miranda

Moments later, Tashi enters It was pointed out that they went through very painful moments as a family and never hesitated to stay by his side, so even though they took different paths, they would try their best for their son.

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While Chyno, in a broken voice and about to cry, asked for attention and respect, plus both noting that they have always been honest and transparent with their followers, ah, what a thing!

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