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He loses his wallet with a driver’s license in it and turns into a meme | News from Mexico

Gary Lee, 33, lost his wallet on Thursday with his driver’s license in Rockaway Beach (New York, USA), becoming Meme tik tok After someone found it, an insider reports.

A user known as @senasoup posted a video on this social network showing the card, with the man’s face and a message asking him to contact her to return the lost object.

was then became Recording has become very popular, which collected more than 25 million views and 4 million “likes” in just three days, RT notes.

Hundreds of people named my neighbor and their photo as a profile picture on their TikTok accounts. Some even pretended to be family members or pets, flooding the comments section.


#New York City

♬ Tokyo Drift – Xavier Wolf

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A friend of mine watched the video and contacted its creator. So the man created a TikTok account, @therealgarylee5, to write to the woman. Soon after, he met her in Manhattan and got her wallet back after proving his ownership of it.

“My friend warned me and I couldn’t believe it,” Lee explained to US media. “overspread. All other comments were [de] fake accounts […] I found it amusing that all these people are pretending to be me,” he said, expressing gratitude for getting his wallet back with all its contents.

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