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Chucky and Tecatito, the successors to Villa and Chicharito in the NBA?

Chucky and Tecatito, the successors to Villa and Chicharito in the NBA?

LOS ANGELES – Don’t improvise the Major League Soccer, as you might expect. It is relentless. There is nothing negative getting you down. Ultimately, you get the player you want or think you need.

It took more than three years to convince him Carlos Candle, a Javier Hernandez Previously Giovanni dos Santos. The first swept in 2019. The second was disappointing in 2020. And the third was such an absolute headache that she was barred from returning to MLS.

Big bets don’t scare the MLS. Show it when signed David Beckham For the Galaxy, they put the tournament in the corner of the world soccer eye. Star names like KakaAnd the Sebastian GiovincoAnd the Andrea PirloAnd the Robbie Kane, Among other things.

But the MLS He has an obsession with the Mexican market. The presence of more than 30 million Mexican immigrants justifies this obsession. He even played a reckless card: Chivas, USAThat was a blow to the flow of advertisers and a disaster for the court.

At times, these investments have succeeded in Mexican footballers in the media more than football. Two names may have been saved: Cuauhtemoc White s Carlos Candle, And put aside a special sample such as Jorge Campos, Who understood the circus phenomenon to which he was invited and paid well.

But after the devastating year of 2020 for navigation s Chicharito, The MLS You are actually looking for new options that will give you more fruits than the failed efforts they represent Alan Bollido s Rodolfo PizarroLeft in red balance, pull off agonizing purple, in 2020.

The MLS He already has two goals, even though he knows these Mexican players still have miles in European football, but as in the cases of navigation s HernandezHe will be armed with patience, perseverance, persistence, and the dollar that is usually the last ram to overcome all resistance, without neglecting the blessings that life in the United States offers.

Jesus Manuel Tecatito Corona (28 years old) and Hirving “Chucky” Lozano (25 years old) are files opened in MLS.

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Two football-style strikers that cheer up the podium and will find it in MLS The perfect spot for their skillsets, but they are also spoiled by Mexican fans. The Tribune players, Caracolleros, are efficient, who maintain this joy in football performance and who certainly, without pressure, will take over the league.

First on the list …

Jesus Manuel Tecatito Corona Live a sweet moment with Porto. Since the end of 2019, she has been and continues to be popular in Portugal. He’s had unforgettable days in the Champions League, after slipping against Chelsea at Ida Game.

He was declared the best player and the best foreigner at Portuguese LeagueAnd the Corona He awaits the summer of 2021, when the transfer to one of the five most important tournaments in Europe is finally completed, after the epidemic prevented the operation in the winter of 2020, when Chelsea He was the most demanding of his performances.

What’s more, Tikatito Become a fixture in claims Gerardo “Tata” Martineau, Who decided to bring it back, despite a gusty passage, because the player had not traveled into focus tripartite An alleged ankle injury.

That is, like ChuckyAnd the Corona He has a perfect profile for what MLSAttractive and attractive football, charisma, goal, national team, and certainly another World Cup after its almost imminent appearance in World Cup Qatar 2022. And both, like FMFReinforcements can be in Tokyo Olympics.

Almond retriever

Thus the case Chucky Lozano He has the same strong attraction, plus the fact that he had already revealed on one occasion that in the future he would not be averse to leaving his last pearls when he retired on MLS.

After being captivated Dutch League, Arrived in Naples from Italy In the most expensive deal in the club’s history, it was also done with the blessing of the club’s eternal patron saint. NaplesAnd the Diego Armando Maradona.

However, with the impact of reaching football of a much greater physical and tactical demand than the Dutch league, Chucky He had to reinvent himself, especially after the technician who played his skin for him, Carlo AncelottiHe saw his head roll.

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Access Gennaro Jutsu He buried, first, and later, he made a profession Herving Lozano. He confined him to the bench, and even kicked him out of training due to the indifference he had shown. “Everyone who feels tired, does not feel that, does not have a clear mind, can stay in the dressing room. Nothing happens if I lose a day, the players know that whoever goes to the field, when I whistle, they should give the thousand,” he said.

And he stressed, “I do not allow anyone to spoil the training.” Jutsu With a new warning Herving Lozano Fully understood. From the following practice, his position changed radically.

It took him time to regain his coach’s confidence, but he succeeded, until he became a useful player again, realizing, in addition, that he was no longer the untouchable footballer, and he even began to feel pressured by them. Fans.

This clip makes him more attractive to MLS. The League understands that a player who has learned to fully commit to his profession, especially in such difficult and dramatic circumstances, will reach a high level of responsibility on the US courts.

Gardado and Jimenez …

Other candidates? exist. The American League is particularly interested in those who are tested and tested in Europe.

The MLS Several times insisted to Andrew was saved, Who recently had tough moments with Betis D. Seville. His body can no longer withstand the hustle and bustle of European football and calls with the national team.

The same saved He revealed in an Amazon Prime documentary that he actually had one foot in MLS Before signing with him BetisBut they wanted to continue in the high competition to reach World Cup Russia 2018 Now he intends to participate in the World Cup for the fifth time in Qatar 2022If your body allows it.

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In the same documentary Six Dreams, the Mexican player, who will turn 35 in September, explains: “I really wanted to go to the United States (after Eindhoven), they offered me a good contract (…), but like this year the World Cup is Which will be my last World Cup (Russia 2018), I said, “If I go to the US now, my level will drop a lot,” and this came (Betis from Seville) “.

The MLS You see that is unlikely Andrew was saved He reached the league in full strength in 2023, at the age of 36, with a history of injuries he’s going through, other than the fact that by managing his demands and the physical rhythm of matches, he can still contribute minutes.

In the same Amazon series, the Mexican post hears how, in November 2017, the movement scientist explained that his knee pain is a reflection of degenerative arthritis, a model of constant effort and age.

“It is a type of osteoarthritis in the kneecap, inside the kneecap,” diagnosed by the specialist.

“Yes? How do you get rid of that?” saved.

“This is really from …”, hesitates the movement world.

“Is he a veteran? Laugh out loud. What nonsense … you just killed me!” Said the Mexican player.

Can be added to that list Raul Jimenez, although The Great Wolf From Wolverhampton’s pack, he experiences complications after a fractured skull in a collision David Louis.

The same team keeps the development of the player with a lot of reservations, and he does not want to rush him, and has even asked for it Mexican national team He does not quote him in relation to the commitments of May, June and July.

Jimenez Topped the list of Mexicans in the future MLSBut the league preferred not to disturb the Al-striker WolverhamptonBut wait for it to recover and it may approach it until early 2023.