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Chris Bryant turns the match against the Mets with his second home career as a giant

Chris Bryant turns the match against the Mets with his second home career as a giant

player San Francisco GiantsAnd Chris Bryant On Monday he delivered the second home run With this uniform, this is the number #20 being photographed in the current 2021 season of Major League Baseball – MLB.

through the game giants vs mets, Chris Bryant connect second home run With a San Francisco outfit in Big leaguesThat’s a valuable and timely blow to beat the match at Oracle Park against a team he was interested in.

At the height of the fifth episode, it was giants Lagged 3-2 to the Mets and Bryant 4-3 match mode after huge hook home run From two rounds to reach 104 results this season from MLB, undoubtedly a significant blow that unleashed madness in the Gulf.

over here home run:

This second home run Today’s gardener giants It had an exit velocity of 107.0 mph and reached 414 feet across the center field, killing Mets slider Miguel Castro.

Chris Bryant He could have hit the house with the Mets, but it was his friend Javier Baez who went to that organization, so he showed his talent by punishing the organization that became interested in his services in the last business window of MLB.

Not all!

after two rounds, Chris Bryant He continued his brilliant attacking night and launched his second night home run Against the Mets, the same with whom he reached 21 in MLB 2021.

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On this occasion, the player giants Trevor May, who mistook him 83 miles away, was executed.

This second home run From Bryant, He descended into left field, took at 100 miles and climbed to the stands at 393 feet.