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Chocolate MC takes his family and neighborhood residents to the Cayo Santa Maria Festival

Chocolate MC takes his family and neighborhood residents to the Cayo Santa Maria Festival

Cuban musician MC chocolate He announced on Instagram that he had taken his family and neighborhood neighbors to the Cayo Santa Maria music festival, and put them in eight hotel rooms at that resort property.

He said in the post, “The whole family, my children, my nephews, my brothers, even my grandmother, and almost the entire neighborhood of Key. 8 rooms, 25 people, including relatives and spouses from the neighborhood,” he said in the post, announcing that he would not miss Bear.

The artist who stood this week in the face of critics of the Santa Maria Music Festival, especially those who defend her support, washes her face against the regime and helps the dictatorship, and he also sent a message to his critics, among them the influential Alexander Otaola and Alan Paparazzi.

“Ottaola, do you think I could care what you say????? Alan Paparazzi, my grandma says it sways in your heart,” he wrote.

He said that thanks to the fact that the festival takes place in Cuba, his family and friends from the neighborhood can enjoy the beach.

Regarding the festival, he was convinced that it would be a success and would open the doors for many other festivals, “for Jay-Z to sing, for Madonna to sing, for Beyoncé to sing, for Usher to go, for the whole world to sing for Cuba (…) like all countries”.

“What is my dictatorship to me? Let the whole world go and sing for Cuba,” he added.

Divided among his supporters on the one hand, and those who reprimand him for not seeing that all the money goes into the hands of the regime and thus oxidize in power, on the other hand, his audience remained before. The words of a reggaeton player.

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The music festival was also controversial because dozens of Cubans denounced on the Internet the scam they were exposed to at the event, because when they arrived at Cayo Santamaría with their reservations, they found that there Overcrowded rooms And now they have no place to stay.

A young woman who identified herself on Instagram as Kathy Havana, has been broadcasting the situation she has been in at the Gran Muthu Hotel since her arrival Thursday at 6pm.

The young woman related that she had not slept all night, and that this morning they were allowed into a restaurant for breakfast, but there was not even sugar to add to the milk.