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Chavismo wants to show that it can maintain power no matter the circumstances

Chavismo wants to show that it can maintain power no matter the circumstances

Nicolas Maduro speaks during a march in honor of Hugo Chavez, on April 13 in Caracas.
Pedro Rances Matei – AFP

Director of Amnesty International in Venezuela marcos gomez, Like many Venezuelans, he wants the country to move forward. While Chavismo is contemplating its survival, there is a majority indicating in opinion polls that it is ready for change in the face of the July 28 elections.

by Nation

What he sees instead is a decline, starting with human rights, his specialty, in a framework of oppression where Chavismo always outdoes itself. Even more so in an election year when for the first time in a long time the government of Nicolas Maduro sees the exit door close. He wants to leave it closed. Forever, if possible.

Visit Buenos Aires, Gomez said Nation The ever-changing and innovative repressive regime that Chavismo, forced by circumstances, raised to a transcendent level in its own way.

“He wants to show that he can maintain power no matter the circumstances,” the Venezuelan said of one of the most aberrant acts attributed to Chavismo, the killing of dissident military officer Ronald Ojeda in Chile, but it applies to the entire regime.

– How do you see Venezuela in this final electoral stage from a human rights point of view?

Well, what concerns us is civil society, the citizen who is connected to power and those who aspire to be part of power, and in this sense, the very negative signal that has been registered is the attack on civil society organizations. There have been arrests of relevant activists, expulsions, and two new laws about to be passed, which are further ways to limit critical organizations and voices.

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