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Nicolas Maduro announced the return of the United Nations mission that he expelled to Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro announced the return of the United Nations mission that he expelled to Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro (Reuters/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria/archive photo)

dictator of venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, He announced the return of the office on Tuesday United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, He was fired in February after expressing concern about the activist's arrest Rocio San Miguel.

Maduro made this statement in the presence of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Karim KhanWhich is investigating Venezuela for possible crimes against humanity and celebrated the announcement.

In a television broadcast, Maduro said that he had received a proposal from Khan to reopen the United Nations Human Rights Office in Venezuela: “I agree to overcome the differences and conflict that we had between us and I am ready to receive Volker Türk’s envoy, at the doorstep.” Miraflores Palace is open.

“I am ready to receive envoy Volker Türk”he added.

Khan, who opened the ICC prosecutor's office in Caracas on Tuesday, said he was “extremely grateful” to Maduro because he “expressed his commitment to my request to allow the Office of the UN High Commissioner to return to Venezuela,” according to the official's translation.

The High Commissioner expressed,“Deeply concerned” by the arrest of Rocío San Miguel in February An expert on military affairs, she is charged with terrorism for her alleged links to a plan to assassinate Maduro.

“This decision has been taken because of the inappropriate role developed by this institution, which, far from appearing as a neutral entity, “This has led to it becoming a private law firm for the group of coup plotters and terrorists who are constantly plotting against the country.”The Venezuelan regime's advisor stated at the time, Evan Gil.

Archive photo of former Venezuelan official Rocío San Miguel Sosa (EFE/Jeffrey Arguedas)

He added that the suspension will remain “until they publicly correct their colonial, abusive and violative position before the United Nations Charter before the international community.”

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The Technical Advisory Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Venezuela was created in 2019, when former President Michelle Bachelet He held this position.

Before leaving her post, Bachelet said that she had noticed progress in the field of human rights in Venezuela, but there was still “a lot to be done.”

behind him, Volker TurkHe visited Venezuela in January 2023, where it was agreed that the office would continue to operate for another two years. During his stay, he encouraged the authorities to release all those arbitrarily detained, and insisted that the necessary measures be taken to end torture.

The Commissioner then met with various sectors of civil society, as well as with regime authorities, and addressed complaints related to extrajudicial executions. He also noted that there are restrictions on access to some detention centers in the country.

The main work of the Technical Office is to “provide support for the effective implementation of the recommendations issued” in the reports submitted by the High Commissioner to the Human Rights Council. Since 2019, at least six reports have been issued on the situation in Venezuela.

The United Nations mission expressed,Deep anxiety“For the arrest of the human rights defender in February Rocio San Miguel He urged the regime of Nicolas Maduro to “End the wave of repressionAgainst opponents who are intensifying throughout the country.

“Venezuelan security forces made an arrest Rocio San Miguelhead of the organization Citizen surveillanceWhen he was trying to board the plane with his daughter at Simón Bolívar International Airport. Attorney general She was accused of participating in the attempted conspiracy Against the president Nicolas Maduro And other senior officials, as well as their involvement in attacks against military units and other institutions throughout the country.”

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(Information from Agence France-Presse)

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