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Cesar Brito and Aguilas Cibainas have terminated Ledum’s contract

Cesar Brito and Aguilas Cibainas have terminated Ledum’s contract

Cesar Brito And Sipanyas Eagles They cut ties in Dominican League (Ledum).

The champion team Caribbean Series in Mazatlan 2021 Made some changes to existing. Two Cuban players participated. According to him press release This was posted on Monday, November 20 by Archer Ariel Miranda Leave the list. The decision attracted attention because the Havana-born left-hander was one of the best pitchers in the country the Eagles In the current season.advertisements

Cesar Brito He also finished the year with the 22-time champion team To last. In Cienfuegos’ case, the contract they agreed to has expired.

ENDS: Águilas Cibaeñas has released imported pitcher Ariel Miranda, while César Prieto has concluded his contract with the franchise.

They’ve arrived: Imported pitchers Mike Morin and Shea Spitzbarth entered the club’s weekly reserves today, along with Puerto Rican catcher Michael Perez and outfielder Zoilo Almonte.Esoic

Moreover, about Cuban as well Rangel Ravelo They added that their preparations are continuing. Therefore, it can be used at any time by the newly appointed manager Tony Pena.

Cesar Brito and his time in Águilas Cibaeñas in the Dominican Republic (LIDOM)

Cesar Brito He spent 12 matches in Dominican League (Ledum). He left an offensive line of .292/.382/.458 (AVG/OBP/SLG). He had 14 hits in 48 at-bats with four doubles and two triples as extra base hits. He drove in five, scored nine, walked seven times, and also struck out seven times and stole a base in one attempt.

Cesar Brito He was part of the team that won the championship Titans of the Caribbean series Developed on the field Citi Field to New York.

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he 24 year old midfielder Currently belongs to St. Louis Cardinals. They were traded to the franchise Central Division of the National League from Baltimore Orioles In exchange Jack Flaherty In August 2023.