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Cemetery and "Skeletons" trees, this is Kim Kardashian's cool Halloween decoration

Cemetery and “Skeletons” trees, this is Kim Kardashian’s cool Halloween decoration

Halloween It is one of the favorite seasons of celebrities because it puts their creativity to the test with spooky decorations Kim kardashian Take it to another level at home with twisted ornaments For her sake, he asked for the help of family and friends, because they were the ones who helped him form dozens of hands that came out of the ground as if they were graveyard.

socialite celebrate it His 42nd birthday Just a few days ago, guests included Hailey Bieber, influencer Olivia Pearson, actresses Natalie Halcrow, Khadija Haq McCray and Malika Haq, businessman Simon Hawke, and designer Jeff Lytham. Like every event he organizes, No account spared She also wore a stunning sheer dress that revealed her acting figure, which she wore with a black lingerie.

Kim Kardashian’s Halloween costume. Photo: IG @kimkardashian

However, for Kardashian Jenner star It wasn’t enough because he organized a second party that he invited family and friends for the purpose of creating it cast from your handsthe same ones he later used in his decoration Halloween In the front garden of his house simulates a cemetery and these people are emerging from the ground trying to leave their graves.

“I had a molding party and they were all shaped by The hands of my children, my nephews and my daughters, From my friends. It’s the hands of almost everyone I know who wanted to come,” he said while showing that he’s also put up structures that give the appearance of monks Around a bonfire, all in the same white with little lights adding to the mystery.

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Kim Kardashian on Halloween

As if hands are not enough, the businesswoman placed huge trees in the entrance of her house that were created with shapes of skeletons as if horror story. Moreover, at the main entrance, you can see an arch made of skulls in the same color as the rest of the decoration.

Kim Kardashian decorates her home with skulls and a cemetery. Photo: IG @kimkardashian

The interior of his house was no exception, although in this case he took it to an extreme, covering every corner of the house with cobwebs and mummified corpses hanging from the ceiling in the midst of darkness. At the bottom of one of the corners, you can see a light illuminating more mummies, while in the background you can hear Noel voices.

This is not the first time that Kim Kardashian has shown that Halloween is among her favorite seasons of the year, because on another occasion she surprised social networks with a character spider who was a little over six meters And he popped out of the entrance to his house, apparently something special in his family since 2020, everyone was dressed up as this insect.

Kim Kardashian’s past Halloween decoration. Photo: IG @kimkardashian

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