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Celimar Adames and Wapa TV reach agreement in federal case for discrimination

Celimar Adames and Wapa TV reach agreement in federal case for discrimination

Journalist Celimar Adames Casalduc Reached a secret agreement with Wappa TV To conclude a case for discrimination in employment filed in early 2020.

According to documents filed in federal court in the district of Puerto Rico “Plaintiff Sellimer Adams Castle is seeking to voluntarily suspend the Second Amendment without prejudice and without costs or attorneys’ charges.”. In the same way, the document refers to it “Defendants Televicentro de Puerto Rico, LLC, American International Group, Inc., and Illinois National Insurance Company did not oppose the plaintiff’s claim.”.

In this way, the judicial process, which began after the presentation of the Los Noticias Di on February 14, 2020, ends Teleons While working at Wapa TV, he first filed a lawsuit in Baymon Court in 2002 alleging that he had been discriminated against on the basis of gender and age. In addition, he pointed out that compared to his two male colleagues, the channel had long maintained a pay inequality practice against him, and that they were paid more than him when they performed the same functions as presenters on news broadcasts.

Since the middle of the year, the two sides have been in talks to reach an agreement and end the judicial process. Considering the differences found during the proceedings, prosecutors asked Federal Judge Daniel Dominguez, Give them more time to carry out these procedures. Under the circumstances, at the end of June this year, the judge ordered a change in the calendar of the case and left Beginning of a possible investigation after April 2022.

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