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Mexico aims to make scales for chips

Mexico aims to make scales for chips

Mexico proposes United States Create scales for chips, Report by Secretary Tatiana Clouthier Economy.

The proposal will be submitted on November 9 as part of the plan Top economic dialogue between Mexico and the United States (DEAN), the two countries agreed to promote shared investments to strengthen the semiconductor production chain.

Of the supply chains we now work with DEAN and the United States, we have decided that Mexico should work in three areas (sic): in the “scales” area, in which areas experiments, and we have already advanced on this, and we will take a very firm proposal next November 9 Claudier said this when he appeared Wednesday before the Economic Commission in the Republican Senate.

According to the company Tower Semiconductor, Scaling is a complex process that involves the transmission of layers and the formation of layers of insulation in the raw scales in complex shapes that define the function of the integrated circuits.

The manufacture of integrated circuits requires hundreds of interrelated steps on different types of equipment, and each step must be completed with extreme precision for the completed ICs to function properly.

“This is one of the areas where we have focused the most on semiconductors or the lack of these,” Glutier said.

After the IC is prepared, the scales are transferred to the assembly and testing facility.

In the assembly process, each scales are cut into separate dice or semiconductors and tested. Bad wings are discarded, while good wings are packaged and assembled.

The assembly protects the integrated circuit, facilitates its integration into electronic systems, and allows heat dissipation.

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After assembly, each IC is tested for function, voltage, current and time.

After testing, the complete IC will be shipped to customers or to the customer’s PCB manufacturing facility.

Claudier said he has met with businessmen and officials from Baja California, Ciudad Juarez and Jalisco to discuss projects related to area production, testing and semiconductor shortages. Conacit.

“We have found some ways to speed up the process and setting up the semiconductor plant is not as fast as we think,” the official said.

And as part of the mission Dean A plan has been drawn up to train employees in certain industries, including semiconductors.

“We are developing an approach with various Conacyt companies located in Conalep and Ciudad Juárez to bring new technologies to our people and to guide some of those who are already trained to another advanced technology, semiconductors. Moving at a very fast pace based on the most advanced technology,” he pointed out.

The Scales It acts as a substrate for scales and scales embedded microelectronic devices. It undergoes many micro-fabrication processes including doping, ion fitting, embossing, thin film deposition of various materials and photographic modeling.

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