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Vacu ID allows existing family members to be added to the same account

Vacu ID allows existing family members to be added to the same account

First application today Thursday Cesco Digital will allow non-smartphone users to have a Vacu ID on their family member’s account.

Chief Executive of Innovation and Information, Enrique A. Volkers-Nin points out that this is the third phase of the digital identification system for the vaccine against Govt.19 (Vacu ID), by applying Cesco Digital.

“If you are a father or mother, your minor son or daughter has already been vaccinated and does not have a smartphone, you can now add it to the Vacu ID on your own phone”, Völkers-Nin pointed out that users can add their relatives in a simple process, fill out a form in which to take a photo of the person who is going to register and check the data. Vacuum ID.

“We have been the pioneers and the first authority to integrate relevant databases (Department of Transport and Public Works, Department of Health and Brits) to verify this vaccine,” said the Office of Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS, in English).

With this new tool, citizens can access the vacuum ID and register the information of their close relatives on the same phone, in detail, for its part, the Secretary of the Department of Transport and Public Works, Elaine M. Wells Vega.

Völkers-Nin said it has made general functional improvements to its agency usage, added the age of the person below the photo, enlarged the QR code, and improved visibility when reading the badge.

Learn how to add a family member to your Vacu ID:

1. In the Cesco Digital Configuration section select the Add person option.

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2. Enter the required information about the person you want to add to your Vacu-ID section.

3. Enter the information of the vaccine given to the person you are adding.

4. Check the summary of the information. Make sure the information entered is correct.

5. Be sure to take a photo of the person you are requesting to add to your Vacu ID.

6. After confirming your photo, the system will be responsible for verifying all information obtained with the data recorded with the Department of Health. After verifying your data with the computer health department, you will receive a notification confirming the successful verification of your vacuum ID.

7. When accessing your Vacuum ID, you can see the added person by pressing the photo of the Vacuum-ID.

8. To activate another person’s Vacu ID, you must press and select that person’s photo.