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Celebrity house Mexico 2023 live via TELEVISA: where to see, the participants and when the free broadcast starts |  Mexico |  USA |  Play DEPOR

Celebrity house Mexico 2023 live via TELEVISA: where to see, the participants and when the free broadcast starts | Mexico | USA | Play DEPOR

The wait is over for reality TV fans! As of today, Televisa is on the screens Mexico’s famous houseWith the participation of famous entertainment personalities, influencers and athletes. This version promises emotion and controversy just like its Telemundo version, as the TV station has secured the rights to the hit reality show. Get ready to experience intrigue and surprises in every episode.

You will be able to follow live and free from where every episode of the reality show that Televisa will broadcast from June 4, 8:30 p.m. CDMX, Exclusively for the United States, Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

With this new version of “La Casa de los Famosos”, the participants must stay for about three months in the place, without any contact with the outside world and follow the clear rules imposed by the reality show. They won’t even be able to use their electronic devices, forcing them to use their imaginations to keep themselves entertained.

How to watch “The House of Famous Mexico 2023” free live TV?

If you follow this reality show on Televisa, you can watch it live and for free from channel 2 “Las Estellas” in open signal. The intermediate program is broadcast on Wednesdays featuring scenes inside the Nominations Board to choose the expelled, and broadcast every Sunday on Channel 5 for open TV or Channel 105 for pay TV. Similarly, you can set channel 2 if you have an open signal or channel 102 if you have a push system.

What time to watch the premiere of “The House of Famous Mexico” on June 4?

  • 6:30 PM PST
  • 8:30 p.m. from Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua
  • 9:30 PM from Peru, USA, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador
  • 10:30 p.m. from Venezuela, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Bolivia
  • 11:30 p.m. from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Brazil
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How can you watch The House of Famous Mexico 2023 live movie online?

If you want to stream La Casa de los Famosos México, you can do so through Vix+, but you must have a paid subscription to enjoy the premiere and access the live reality cam monitoring.

Who will lead The House of Famous 2023?

The Mexican version of La Casa de los Famosos bets big and one of the star hosts is Galilea Montijo who will be responsible for nomination and elimination. Odalys Ramírez and Diego de Erice are also part of the reality show, and they will be the hosts in charge of “El Relato”.

Who are the celebrities who will participate in the House of Famous Mexico 2023?

The confirmed names are Paul Stanley, Raquel Pegora, Emilio Osorio, Wendy Guevara and Poncho de Negris. However, the rest of the celebrities who will be involved in this reality show will be revealed in the first broadcast and the expectations are high.

What is the award for La Casa de los Famosos México 2023?

Finally, San Ángel TV has revealed the mystery that has kept the participants and the public in suspense: the winner of the first edition of La Casa de los Famosos México will win a prize of 4 million Mexican pesos (about $227,835.84).

What are the rules for The House of Famous Mexico 2023?

Here are the rules of “La Casa de los Famosos México” that will govern the development of the reality show and will ensure an atmosphere of coexistence and competition between the famous participants. The rules were revealed by Galilea Montijo, the host of the programme, through a video shared on social networks:

  • Article 1: Do not bring computers, cell phones, books, tablets or other entertainment devices into the home.
  • Rule 2: Residents are responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness in the house.
  • Rule 3: The food budget and other benefits are based on the tests residents pass each week.
  • Rule 4: The cameras will be on 24 hours a day and cannot be covered. The only private place would be the bathroom, though only occasionally.
  • Rule 5: Residents must have their microphones on and on at all times, except when showering, sleeping, or entering the pool. If the microphones are damaged, residents will have to pay for their repair.
  • Rule 6: Any form of physical aggression between residents is prohibited. In case of non-compliance, both parties will face the consequences.
  • Rule 7: If a resident breaks three rules or receives three warnings, they can be expelled from the program.
  • Rule 8: Everything can change in “The House of Famous Mexico”.
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