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Carol J’s strange illness makes her gain weight even if she’s dieting and exercising

Carol J’s strange illness makes her gain weight even if she’s dieting and exercising

what happened to Carol J? Popular “Bichota” She is one of the most successful singers in recent years and has achieved everything with her artistic effort. The Colombian artist who won her first painting was at her best, but there was also a time when she was confused by a medical condition that affected her weight.

The star resumed the highest point of her career with the appearances of the songs “Provenza” and “Mamiii”, which gave her a record that only remembered Selena Quintanilla. In this way, Karol G left behind the media impact of her breakup with Anuel AA, which established her relationship with official Yailin La Más Viral, and now focuses solely on her music.

However, the public figure’s path was not always rosy. One of the difficult moments she had to go through was when she discovered a strange disease that did not allow her to lose weight.

What disease does Carol J have, which affects her weight?

Carol J told, in 2018, that she had a very special health condition that did not allow her to lose weight, even though she did a regular exercise and diet. Little did he know that the answer lay in his endocrine system.

“I had completely elevated insulin and had the gland that is activated in women at birth, meaning my body was born and it was completely swollen and inflamed,” Pechota said in an interview with MezcalTV.

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He explained that the criticism on social networking sites hurt him, but he decided to prevent those who commented on his body and leave his testimony about what he had to live for for the aforementioned medical issue, in addition to clarifying that no one has the right to do so. Say something about the appearance of others.

“In the first place it affected me because I said ‘What if I wanted to be a plumper girl?'” “It kind of hit me hard. People still see me like that and some keep telling me comments and stuff, when they leave hard, I cancel everything, I don’t like it,” the singer said.

How was Carol J’s first show?

On the other hand, Carol G performed his first “concert” when he was five years old, in front of a group of relatives and friends, while his father accompanied him on guitar. In the clip, she was seen very excited and singing with all her might as her fans praised her for her artistic streak.

The same “Bichota” is the one who shared the recording with his family via his official Instagram account. The publication, of course, had millions of reactions, among the “likes” and comments from his followers who highlighted the tenderness of little Carolina.