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Carmen Villalobos caught all eyes with an animal print cap

Carmen Villalobos She is a Colombian actress and TV presenter, best known for her participation in many soap operas and series, which allowed her to win the affection of thousands of viewers throughout Latin America. The former protagonist of Café con aroma de mujer enjoys her courtship and never ceases to brag about the extent of her love. But not only that, but it also confirms why she is one of the most beautiful women ever, and she did it with a microtube with which she stole all eyes. instagram.

Yes good Carmen Villalobos He began his career in a children’s program, and it wasn’t until he turned 20 that he landed his leading role in the TV series Amor a la Plancha. But in 2008, she had the opportunity to be the main character in the TV series “Without Breasts, There is No Heaven”, which became a huge success. Then, she was most recently remembered for her performance in “Cafe Scents of a Woman” or “Till Money Do Us Part”, which ended up being a hit for Netflix.

Carmen Villalobos is an outstanding actress. Source Instagram @cvillaloboss

beyond acting Carmen Villalobos He ventured into command and did so on Telemundo’s Top Chef Vip show for the US. For this reality show, the Colombian actress gets paid around $25,000 per month for being the host of the show. Meanwhile, he enjoys courting sports journalist Federico Oldenburg, with whom he is seen vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

Carmen Villalobos in Top Chef Vip. Source Instagram @cvillaloboss

The microtop that Carmen Villalobos wore and everyone fell in love with

in your account instagramAnd Carmen Villalobos She has about 22.5 million followers and there she is responsible for explaining why she is one of the most beautiful women ever, and she did it with a microtop that caused quite a stir and ended up making her fans fall in love. The 39-year-old actress and host showed off her gym-going, trend-setting look.

In other posts, Carmen Villalobos She shows that she’s got a great body and she does it by wearing different looks, from elegant dresses to the perfect swimwear for the season. In order to keep fit, the heroine of “Café con aroma de mujer” does two training exercises to strengthen her legs.

Carmen Villalobos in a bathing suit. Source Instagram @cvillaloboss

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