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Carlos Caselli, Chilean idol who analyzed his team and the case of Byron Castillo during celebration at Davis Cup 2022: 'Chile should not have complained to FIFA' |  RMMD DTCC |  Total Sports

Carlos Caselli, Chilean idol who analyzed his team and the case of Byron Castillo during celebration at Davis Cup 2022: ‘Chile should not have complained to FIFA’ | RMMD DTCC | Total Sports

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A Chino is seated near the southern delegation on the west stand of Lawn Tennis Club. He’s 72, and he’s no longer sporting the wavy hair that marked him in the ’80s in which he became a legend. Before ‘Matador’ Salas and ‘Bam Bam’ Zamorano, Chile’s goals – Colo Colo – bear his name. Now he has gray hair and although he has kept his mustache, he is also white from experience and wisdom.

Hector Chumbetz and Carlos Caselli before the match Peru vs. Chili pepper. (photo: internet)

As if within an area about to be marked, Caszely He does not flinch while watching the Chilean duo made up of Nicholas Garry s banish tablo Easily defeat the Peruvian team Sergio Galdos and Arclón Huertas del Pino. In fact, it has already been foreshadowed. Or rather, he had analyzed that he is a great tennis expert and journalist.

“I think Chile will stay with the doubles match. We are convinced that this will be the case and everything will be resolved in the third match. In the second, he will face Tapelo John Paul Farellas Whoever plays very well, it will be difficult.”, the ex-footballer told us before the games, and he achieved all the results. Chile won the doubles, Farias won with great difficulty and everything was resolved in the third match in which Gary easily defeated Nicolas Alvarez.

Don’t flinch without Carlos. He moves his head from right to left following the path of the ball, while clenching his arms very seriously. But those who were surprised were the fans. “This is Carlos Caselli, isn’t it?”A fan who went to support Peru in . asks us Davis Cup At Lawn Tennis Club. Given the positive answer, he goes to his place and tells his friend: “Yes, yes it is her. My father used to talk to me a lot about him..

Caszely He was a fearsome goalscorer in the years when defenders were ruthless to attacking players and referees didn’t care about talented players. But he was also a big fan of tennis. “I always watched matches and also loved to play them. When I was in Spain (Levante between 1973 and 1975, and Espanyol between 1975 and 1978). He often went to Count Godot to see a play Bjorn Borgand Ilie Nastase and other great tennis figures”to remember.

Nicholas Matzo happily celebrates with Gary, as the series won against Peru.  (Photo: Jesus Soseido/GEC)
Nicholas Matzo happily celebrates with Gary, as the series won against Peru. (Photo: Jesus Soseido/GEC)

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This bond he generated with racket sport made him meet at one point Nicolas Masso, who had yet to stand out on the ATP circuit representing the Chilean flag. meet the Nicholas Massu The kid who hasn’t done it yet but dreamed of achieving everything he has achieved.

“I’ve known ‘Nico’ for many years. As time went by we always had each other on. Two months ago we met and there he told me why he didn’t come to the Davis Cup”tell us. Thus began the small journey of the Chilean idol who came to the Peruvian lands to celebrate and be recognized as he deserved. Today, he will surely leave happy to see his country progressing in the tournament. “My partner would be happy to watch tennis”, he said in a recent interview. Happy to see tennis and to see him happy with Nicholas Matzo.

Carlos Caszely and his views on the current state of the Chilean national team.


On the Byron Castillo case

“I wouldn’t have complained to FIFA. I think matches are won on the field. I have never liked matches won by honesty or won by cheating. It was very difficult to get Ecuador out. What else? Could it be what he did? FIFA is fining the player or the Ecuadorean Football Federation, but a month before the World Cup it was impossible to expel them. He should not have complained.”


Chile national team news

“There are many edges to this team that has gone to the World Cup twice and won the Copa America twice. Firstly, Marcelo Bielsa who changed the mentality of the Chilean footballer. He made him a professional footballer. It wouldn’t be easy to get this team we had again. Logo Back to the World Cup. Chile always wants to go to the World Cup. I hope Berizzo can achieve something important in the next game, have a good team and therefore be able to achieve it.”


The golden generation

“Some, yes. But I think there are three, four or five players at a highly competitive level who can continue to contribute to the national team, as is the case with Claudio Bravo, Alexis Sanchez, Mauricio Isla, Alexis Vidal and Charles Aranjuez.”

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