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Business group from Salamanca that comes to change medicine

Business group from Salamanca that comes to change medicine

“Medity is essentially the private, exclusive, and international meeting point that the medical community craves and needs.” This is how Ignacio Hernandez of Salamanca defines, CEO and co-founder of the project, to the app you just created. A social network dedicated to the health sector that is “changing” medicine as we know it.

Ignacio describes himself as a “natural and calm” person, but with a hint of desire to do so.big thingsGraduated in Psychology, he began directing his career toward people management and human resources. Not satisfied with that, Ignacio also has an MBA specializing in digital marketing, and that’s where the Medity germ was born.

In these last studies, which helped him to “complete the professional profile” that Ignacio wanted, he met Mario Vicente, one of the founding members of the social network. Fate wanted to cross their path, and the entrepreneurial desire of these two young men led them to creativity The first joint venture.

The first project

This adventure led Ignacio and Mario to “immerse” in the environment healthy related to technology. “The pandemic hit us, but we had the resources and the means to do something kind and supportive,” Medity CEO recalls in comments to EL ESPAÑOL – Noticias de Castilla y León.

This is when he was born Online medical opinion. A platform that serves users for free. The goal was only to “lower the level of uncertainty” for those people whose diagnoses were paralyzed by Covid-19 that brought with it times of stress and ignorance by not finding out what they were suffering from. “It has been a huge success on a social level, in less than 3 or 4 months, with a team of 50 physicians, we have been able to reach parts of the world we could not have imagined, treating more than 25,000 people,” says Ignacio.

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It was this platform that lit the light bulb for Ignacio and Mario. “We have realized a few things. The first is the importance union among people for any matter, the second is the value that the medical community has to society”, emphasizes the young entrepreneur from Salamanca.

Once the foundations and main concepts were laid, an idea arose of what “poor connectionAnd it’s the health sector. David Pescador and Juan Blanco, who are the ‘traumatologists’ and they were the ‘gateway’ to the doctors, joined the project. And that led them to see that to bring the team together, and they had to have an ‘agenda with calls and messages and so on, With the loss of time that it supposes and the little potency it gives because it was not something they used to use.”

“Otherwise we saw it in the use of techniques Very concerned about data protection Which they share and don’t trust,” notes the CEO of Medity. And that was when Medity saw the light. A highly secure private network where they can share this information and have the ability to connect to each other is interesting,” he added.

“Promoting communication, collaboration, unity and knowledge transfer from one to the other opens the door to endless synergies and further progress. fast”, confirms Ignacio Hernandez, who is confident that Medity will be able to change medicine.

The social network will allow the new generations to connect with the oldest. A connection that would open the doors to a new, highly interconnected medical world that would allow all people to enrich each other safely and privately. “Mediterranean does not intend to put it down sea ​​gatesThey are all doctors, the knowledge is international and designed to reach the whole world, ”the young entrepreneur repeats.

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Work so that students can enter

In order to access the application, it is necessary to do it at the invitation of a person who is already part of it or by filling out a form. Proof of health professional status and submission of the professional number is mandatory, although Ignacio assures this newspaper that they are working so that medical studentswho have not yet finished their studies, can also access the application, since “there is so much and it is very interesting for them”.

In its first week of operation, Medity has already scored more than 240 high And the first “feedback” is “very positive”. “They tell us they don’t know of any app that’s entirely directed at doctors,” he explains. The project is really starting to roll and this group of entrepreneurs from Salamanca are here to change medicine.