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Burger King and Milka come together to create the most delicious dessert

Burger King and Milka come together to create the most delicious dessert

  • On March 19, 1901, Milka was registered as a trademark.

  • The name Milka is a combination of milk and cocoa (Milch and Kakao, in German).

  • In 2020, Milka launched its current slogan, “A Taste of Tenderness”.

Burger King and Milka Promise to make this holiday A sweeter and more refreshing summer. The famous chocolate bars will be combined with the wonderful ice cream of the fast food chain. Unfortunately, it is not known if these delicious treats will reach Mexico, at the moment they will be available in any branch of Burger King Spain. with crispy cookie cutters, This ice cream will become a favorite of many.

Although this type of fusion is not new to Burger King, as it has already experimented with big brands like Nutella, Oreo and KitKat. Currently, Mexico has King Fusion Nutella, Turin’s Milkshake, and cupcakes With Hershey’s chocolate and Hershey’s pie. While Milka is a distinct chocolate To use milk from the Alpine region for more than 100 years.

On the other hand, Restaurant Brands International, owner of the Burger King restaurant, reported that in the last quarter of the year this fast food chain sold out in the United States. increased by 5 percent Thanks to the implementation of the first phase of the revitalization plan.

While Statista data shows that until June 2022, the fast food chain With subsidiaries in 29 countries from North America, Latin America and the Caribbean; 27 in EMEA; and 17 in the Asia Pacific region.

mid april famous Whopper It broke the sales record in the United States thanks to its commercial strategy. And although Tom Curtis, President of Burger King USA, emphasized that the key to the current success lies in the new campaigns for marketingThe real secret in the song: “You are the referee”launched at the end of 2022 with gravity Tone “whopper, whopper”any It ended up going viral on social media.In fact, its success got to the point where it was even posted on Spotify.

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In 2021, Mexican chocolate exports amounted to $582 million. While in the epidemic, the consumption of chocolate in the country was 6.8 kg per capita It is estimated that by 2026 consumption of this product will increase to 7 kilograms for mexican. And it is that chocolate in Mexico is one of the most consumed products, only in 2020 it generated more than $6 billion in revenue.

Mexico is among the major exporters of chocolate productsIt also ranks first in global exports of cocoa powder with added sugar.

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