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Matilda Svensson y su hermano Anton

‘Brilliant as possible’: Matilda Svensson’s brother submits best scientifically accurate dissertation of 2021

August 02 2022 – 11:00 AM

radio announcer Matilda Svensson, That saved his younger brother, Anthony, is a prominent mathematician, who in In 2021 he was awarded the best doctoral thesis in exact sciences.

The man, who is currently 33 years old, has been working on his academic document for 4 years with his alma mater The University of Chile, as well as with the University of Perpignan in France.

Anthony’s thesis

It was the Chilean Academy of Sciences that recognized Anton’s thesis as the best for 2021.

This is about Mathematical analysis for decision making. The author explained to LUN, adding that it does not solve a specific problem, but rather a guideline that can be applied in several areas.

He asserted that “once the criterion is determined, the best decision can be taken. To find the optimal solution, techniques and algorithms are needed, because the problems are too complex for pen and paper to suffice, and one needs computational help.”

On Wednesday, Anton will be recognized as the architect of the Best Dissertation for 2021 in front of a select group of researchers, who will hear a summary of his research in just 10 minutes. They will also give you your prize, It consists of 1500 dollars.

From Sweden Matilda Svenson He spoke with the aforementioned medium, acknowledging the joy he feels for Anton’s great achievement.

“I am very proud of my brother and his work. But what stands out most is his simplicity as a person. It took him several days to tell the family the news. It is what it is, very low, but as cool as few others ”, confirmed.

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