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blue original.  Missile capsule fails mid-flight captured on video

blue original. Missile capsule fails mid-flight captured on video

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A capsule of Blue Origin, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, carrying a cargo ship detached from its New Shepard rocket on Monday shortly after taking off from Texas, US, after What appeared to be a malfunction near the rocket engine sectionas evidenced by the live broadcast of the video.

There were no people on board the capsule, which is located on top of the New Shepard suborbital rocket. Loaded with NASA-funded research supplies and other payloads, it was expected to float in microgravity for a few minutes about 100 kilometers above Earth’s surface.

However, one minute after takeoff and about 8 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, New Shepard’s engines caught fireto activate the capsule’s ejection system, which detached from its rocket before launching its parachute to land intact.

We are responding to an issue this morning at our first location launch site in West Texas.Blue Origin wrote on its Twitter account, adding that the capsule’s abortion system “works as designed.”

The flight was the 23rd mission for New Shepard from Blue Origin, the space company founded by Amazon.com Inc billionaire Jeff Bezos.

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