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Bizarrap and Shakira: the world’s most listened-to Argentine artist formula (and that’s causing buzz for new song with the Colombian)

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She often wears the same outfit: dark glasses, a hat that covers her forehead, tracksuits, and sometimes her nails are painted black. Bizarrap seems to want to go about life unnoticed, though perhaps as nothing more than a marketing ploy, given his global fame.

What is certain is that the 24-year-old producer DJ was Most listened to Argentines in the world on Spotify in 2022 (reaching #49 in the world) and became an urban music standard.

His story is similar to that of many other trap artists, Hip Hop and Reggaeton: a “kid” from the neighborhood, who learned to make music from his own sources, was initially ignored by the press and is now beloved by many.

And while it reads like a frequent biographer, that of course doesn’t detract from his accomplishments. There are their famous collaborations and numbers.