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The youths try to hire Featherweight to sing at their school

The youths try to hire Featherweight to sing at their school

showbiz. A group of students from the Instituto Pompilio Ortega, in La Libertad, Comayagua, tried to recruit the singer of regional Mexican music, featherweightfor a presentation at your school.

The idea came from a young man who was introduced to V.I Tik Tok how robin, who confirmed that they would bring “Double B” to their school. The boy showed the money with which he could bring the singer to his institute, but the result disappointed many. «With this ratatouille we’ll bring the featherweight here‘, reassured the young man.

But in the same video, the young man showed that the money was not enough for him, so another student had to translate famous Mexican songs. In the passage that says: “3 doritos later”, two students are seen to interpret: “She dances alone”, by Featherweight and Armed Link.

Watch the video:

Apparently, there was an event at school where students had to give many presentations, so these boys took the opportunity to sing the famous song Song.

The result was not as expected.

Although it was all a joke, the students had a good time and laughed at the comical initiative on social networks.

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Peso Bluma is a singer and composer of regional Mexican musicEspecially lying lanes, the production of which is distinguished by the effect of the trap. His real name is Hassan Emilio.

Featherweight, 24 years old.

he artist Mexican mixes of lounging in the lobbies and genres like snare are heard everywhere. She even snubbed Miley Cyrus on Spotify when she posted the song “Ella baila sola,” which she released with band Eslabón Armado.

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Connect to “The Tonight Show” and the Bizarrap sessions. It has been linked to some of the most beautiful women in the Aztec show. He even made his haircut trendy. Featherweight wants it all.