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The actress who insured her legs for thousands of dollars

The actress who insured her legs for thousands of dollars

Lilia Prado as Raquel in “Subida al Cielo” from 1952, a film directed by Luis Buñuel that was nominated at the Cannes International Film Festival and at the Ariel Awards. (Photo by FilmPublicity Archive / United Archives via Getty Images)

1988 was the year that Los Tigres del Norte made his acting debut in Mexican cinema with La Puerta Negra, a comedy starring David Renoso, Lucha Villa, Eric del Castillo and Lilia Prado.

One night in the border city of Tijuana (Baja California), journalist Talavera Cerdan approached the mansion where they were filming and between breaks, they were able to spend a few minutes with Legendary Lilia Prado who patiently waited for the call for his next shots.

While they were waiting for the recordings to resume, the caller recalled the erotic desires one of his young friends had with Prado and smiled. The actress, aware of the gesture, asked him, and he decided to find out if she had any sexual offers from a celebrity or a millionaire during the height of her career. He replied with a mischievous smile, “No mijito, but how many (masturbate) jackets have been made in my name?” The journalist wrote on his personal blog.

Namely that Prado, at 60, still retains the beauty that in her best years made her worthy of the title The woman with the most beautiful legs in Mexico.

Actresses Lilia Prado and Tahia Carioca wear evening dresses while attending the Cannes Film Festival, France, May 1, 1956. (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Mexican actress Lilia Prado (left) and Egyptian actress Tahia Carioca during the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 1, 1956 (Photo: Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images).

The hottest woman in Latin American cinema

Leticia Lilia Amezcua Prado was born on March 30, 1928 in Sahawayo, Michoacan. From a young age he was drawn to the art world thanks to his talents in singing, dancing and acting. According to her biography, she was discovered by journalist Javier Campos Pons when the young woman was working as a telephone operator, and she was dazzled by her beauty and sensuality, so he decided to prepare her to enter the world of entertainment.

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Director Juan Urol had her first chance in Tania, la bella Salvaje starring Cuban Romper Rosa Carmina. Later, more entries came to “La barca de oro” directed by Joaquin Bardavi, along with Pedro Infante and Rene Cardona; and “Ángel o demonio” with Maria Antonietta Pons, both films from 1947.

He participated in the American movie “Tarzan and the Mermaids”, but was with “Confidencias de un roulette” alongside the comedian Resortes in 1949 and “Pobre corazón” a year later, Her awesome skill like rambra and attractive legs have attracted attention Until the career of the young artist began her rise in a sudden way and made her one of the most sought-after actresses.

Jorge Negret, Pedro Infante, Pedro Armendarez, Arturo Cordova were his co-stars, but even with those big names, advertising posters highlighted his already legendary figure and legs.

The image of the sensual actress and, once again, her firm and graceful legs, captivated Director and father of surrealist cinema Luis BuñuelAfter agreeing to the proposal of poet and screenwriter Manuel Tulaguirre to choose her for the role of Raquel in the 1952 film Subida al Cielo, a film that was nominated at the Cannes International Film Festival and the Ariel Awards. The director chose Prado to accompany him to France, where The European press fell at its feet by calling her the hottest woman in Latin American cinema.

Buñuel again worked with Lilia on Abysses of Passion, a Spanish film adaptation of the English writer Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights. Months later, the director requested her again but now in a leading role in “Illusion Travels by Tram”, a film considered among the top 100 Mexican cinemaswhere she played Lupita, a neighborhood girl who is trying to save her brother “Tarajas” (Fernando Soto, Mantequilla) and ex-boyfriend “Caireles” (Carlos Navarro), who tries to get the tram back unnoticed so as not to be reported.

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Lilia was the only actress, along with Silvia Pinalto star or participate in three films under the direction of the director.

Film director Luis Buñuel on film camera (Photo by �� John Springer Collection / CORBIS / Corbis via Getty Images)

Director Luis Buñuel (Photo: John Springer Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images).

In 1957, when he was 29 years old, The actress insured her legs for 100,000 Mexican pesos (currently over 800,000 pesos), with an initial payment of $4,000.. His goal was to push policies 20 years apart, because he was aware that his legs wouldn’t always keep the shape of their young years.

In her filmography, which exceeds 100 films, Lilia Prado has played all kinds of characters: female dead people, innocent brides, tormented wives, country girls, and city girls. But he also left his sensual side in one of his last works, “La India” (1976), to give life to a woman with a disfigured face, afflicted with smallpox.

At the end of his life, he had many health complications, so he had to use a walker. He died on May 22, 2006, a victim of kidney disease that was complicated by lung failure and ended in a heart attack.

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