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Belgium orders 3-week isolation of monkeypox

Belgium orders 3-week isolation of monkeypox


With more than 100 confirmed cases monkey pox In many countries of the world, Belgium became the first country to order a lockdown against this virus to prevent its spread.

It should be noted that this measure only Applies to those infected with the virus or those who lived with infected peopleAccording to the Risk Assessment Group (RAG).

Only Belgium Four confirmed cases With monkeypox, he decided to implement these measures to prevent its spread.

According to local data, these cases were Attributed to the “Darklands” fetish festival, It was where people from abroad met and communicated with residents, the organizers explained.

On May 7, the United Kingdom issued a warning about this virus, explaining that as of the end of the week, 20 people had been confirmed infected; at SpainAs a precautionary measure, repeat the use of face maskAlso, avoid public transportation.

How does it spread?

  • Although the virus first appeared in the 1970’s from monkeys, it can now be transmitted from human to human in the following ways.
  • fluid exchange (saliva or respiratory particles)
  • Physical contact (through cuts or crusts on the skin).
  • Virus excretion through feces

Symptoms of monkeypox

the main sign of illness Do you young love They usually appear all over the body, although they become more noticeable on the hands and back. Other alert symptoms.

  • fever
  • Headache, muscle or back pain
  • Chills
  • exhaustion