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Barcelona will play one season at the Johan Cruyff stadium during the redesign of the Camp Nou

Barcelona will play one season at the Johan Cruyff stadium during the redesign of the Camp Nou

BARCELONA – Joan Laporta has endorsed his “full support” for Ronald Koeman as Barcelona coach, advancing that next week “there may be news” about renewing the club’s youth promises, stating that talks with pedry And Ansu Fati, as it will happen soon dry He was surprised by announcing that the first team would “probably” move to the Johan Cruyff stadium for a season due to the Camp Nou works, to expand the capacity of the stadium where Barcelona B and the women play “to 50,000 seats”.

In an interview with Rac 1, Laporta announced that the Johan Cruyff Stadium is the most viable alternative to relocating the first team for one season while the Camp Nou works are being carried out, at the Montjuïc Olympic Stadium option.

“We have the possibility of creating the Olympic stadium, but I like the Johan Cruyff stadium more, where you can raise the eyebrow with additional stands,” he said, declaring that an expansion “to 50,000 seats (currently six thousand people) is being considered, with having to rotate with subscribers (more from 80 thousand), who will fully understand what he will represent for the club.”

Speaking of the Camp Nou, Laporta noted that “the third and first stands will have to be reconstructed. The project will last three or four years and will cause an expansion of up to 110,000 spectators, with new boxes for VIPs and hospitality,” noting that the final work “varies project Bartomeu, who is already outdated.”

To implement such an ambitious project, Joan Laporta’s board of directors is negotiating a €1,500 million financing with Goldman Sachs, “which has shown great interest in the project. We had a meeting last week, they are very interested and want to join us.”

“There are other interested investors, but Goldman knows the project very well. We are talking about 800-900 million euros to which we should add Palau and the campus, which brings us to 1500 million,” said the Barcelona president, explaining this in Goldman Sachs ” Understands the way the project is managed is that once it’s established, we refinance it,” noting that, therefore, it cannot be understood as an “appropriate loan” and warns, in any way, that the board approves it… and if it doesn’t authorize it, it will be It’s a hard blow.”

In this sense, he told the captain that with the redesign of the Camp Nou it will bear the name of an advertisement and that it must “understand that the new stadium will be a source of income. The name will have a sponsor, because all assets must be used”, warning that the historical players are playing at a disadvantage because” State clubs can hold up better.”

Laporta, who left, warned, “All this is necessary for the club’s continuity. The new Espai Barcelona will bring in a lot of income and when we introduce the new stadium project, people will realize its impact on the city and the club.” Of course, Bartomeu’s board of directors “did not do their homework” and emphasized that carrying out the works “is essential.

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On the prospect of Goldman Sachs getting some kind of control over the club for its financial backing, the Barcelona president was resounding in his disapproval. He declared that he “has no control or decision-making power over this process because he trusts us. The limit is trust, but Barcelona will lead”, noting that there will be “no real guarantees because it is the business itself that returns. Credit, although Funding has its fees. They won’t take advantage of the field, the decision authority will be ours, and the decisions we make.”

ratifi koman
The Barcelona president declared in an interview with RAC1 that “Koemann is our coach and he remains ‘warned that the Dutchman’ deserves a margin of confidence. When things don’t go the way we want them to, we all get upset, including him, but you have to appreciate everything and listen to people.” whom you trust. So I came to the conclusion that I must act as I did with Rijkaard in 2003 and give him all my trust.”

Laporta, who discovered at the time, revealed that Ronald “Collins, loves Barcelona… and you notice it. We are talking about the Barcelona legend who came at a very difficult time.” I asked him if he trusted the team and he replied yes, but the injured need to be healed. I saw that he wanted to continue at all costs and it is fair to do so because, in addition, he has a current contract.”

When asked about Xavi Hernandez or all the names that have appeared in recent weeks, the Barcelona president emphatically said: “We are proud to have Koeman as coach and to give him the confidence he deserves to change the situation. Here people can think that there is an improvisation, but I never said that we We don’t want Koeman and I think it’s the most appropriate decision now.”

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“I spoke recently with Xavi because we are friends … in the same way I spoke recently with Pep (Guardiola). I would like to comment on things, but this will not meet the margin of confidence we give Koeman if we start talking about the candidates,” declared the leader, who did not elaborate Whether the Dutchman has unlimited credit and even less for next season, concluding that “I must trust in making decisions … I did what I advised”, and admitting that Jordi Cruyff “played an important role in this margin of confidence”.