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Banco Formosa presented a financial education workshop for professionals in the economic sciences.

Banco Formosa presented a financial education workshop for professionals in the economic sciences.

The workshop was held at the headquarters of the Professional Council for Economic Sciences and was attended by officials from the Bank. Deputy General Manager Commercial Affairs, Lic. Jorge Yah Yah, Deputy General Manager Finance and Operations, CP. Natalia Bertol, President of CPCEF, CP. Hugo Caneza and Chair of the Committee for Young Professionals and Advanced Students in Economic Sciences, CP. Noelia Zias.

Opening the workshop, Natalia Bertol noted the importance the Bank attaches to these activities “The ultimate goal of this talk is for them to understand that you, I received a short time ago, can give advice and provide tools to your clients.”

For his part, Knyza thanked the bank for the possibility of training to get acquainted with the tools offered by the corporate credit institution and in this way the registrants can absorb to advise their clients.

The workshop targeted young registered and applicants in jobs related to economic sciences, the aim of the training was to promote the growth of professionals regarding various financial instruments, provide tools to better advise their clients and support the growth professional in the private sector. Activity to achieve sustainable growth of clients through financial leverage.

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With financial inclusion as a priority, Banco Formosa makes the “Mi Banco Fácil” financial education program available to the Formosa community.

The program has been successfully developed for over 5 years and is a regional and country leader in financial literacy training with the aim of bringing knowledge about the Argentine financial system and product and banking offerings, contributing to community development and inclusion.

The panel of speakers was led by volunteers from the program Joanna Lin, Paula Saurer, Victor Galeano Nunez and Fernando Regis.

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Fernando Regis recounted the feelings at the end of the talk “It is a pleasure to be a volunteer, it is a pleasure to be able to offer a little knowledge and experience, we have continuous training in the bank and in private life as an accountant. We believe that this workshop provides tools that facilitate a financial life more healthy “.