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Bad Bunny's reaction to being hit with a cell phone during a concert

Bad Bunny’s reaction to being hit with a cell phone during a concert

bad bunnywho recently impressed everyone for his outstanding performance in “Bullet Train”, kicked off his “World’s Hottest Tour” across the US on August 5.

Puerto Rico made its first show at Camping World in Orlando, Florida, and on Monday, August 8, it was at Troist Park in Atlanta. The places where the singer showed why he is the most listened to Latin in the world.

The translator of “Ojitos Lindos” brought the warmth of the beaches of his native Puerto Rico to his American fans, as he recreated the essence of his album “Summer Without You” on stage. In fact, in an intense Caribbean atmosphere, the artist soared above the audience on a palm tree to sing his song “Un coco”.

And as if that weren’t enough, projections of dolphins, who swam to the beat of “My Duke,” a song sung by more than 65,000 attendees “at the top of their lungs” at his presentations, delighted his followers. With about 40 of his successes.

They hit Bad Bunny with a cell phone and this is how he reacted

One of the most noticeable moments, however, was when, in the middle of the concert, the reggaeton artist took the time to take out his cell phone and take pictures with the audience. The period the propeller used to obtain an image.

Bad Bunny’s indifferent reaction was captured on video when someone threw a cell phone at him. Benito was looking at his cell phone, suddenly, the cell phone hit his hip and he fell to the ground, at that moment, ‘Bad Rabbit’ lowers his glasses, bends down, grabs the device from the ground and throws it on the ground. Back from the stage.

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Given the artist’s attitude, some of his fans clap and shout, as if in celebration because Bad Bunny threw the device.

But on social media, opinions were divided. There are those who describe the artist’s behavior as arrogant, while others defend the interpreter of “I act beautifully”, explaining that it is not a way to attract the artist’s attention, among other reasons, because a blow can or may even hurt him. You may have offended someone else.