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Bad Bunny denies Maite Perroni tribute at RBD Awards

Bad Bunny denies Maite Perroni tribute at RBD Awards

Bad Bunny made an unexpected gesture with an RBD member after refusing to cooperate with him. Everything happened in the last delivery of Billboard Latin Music AwardsWhen three members of RBD presented him with the Song of the Year – Sales category award.

“Bad Bunny” He refused to kiss Mighty Perrone on the cheekHe even bowed to greet him on stage; The moment was captured by cameras and went viral after a controversial statement made by RBD about the reggaeton player.

In a recent interview for ‘Primer Impacto’, RBD were asked if they would like to collaborate with Bad Bunny and they were. Christian Chavez, who responded strongly.


Bad Bunny greets Maite Perrone with a kiss on the cheek

“honestly no”Christian’s words were in a serious tone, but he immediately changed his expression, explaining that it was a statement jokeGood “Of course yes. Imagine who wouldn’t like it.”he added.

“Who wouldn’t want to work with him Bad bunny? “He is one of the most important Latin icons in the world and it would be an honor for us.”

“Of course he meant it,” Christopher’s face said, “Actually we don’t want to.” “I believed him more when he said no than I did when he said ‘obviously yes.’ “I think they don’t need to.” That’s just them. They shine well and sing live without playing,” are some of the comments that can be read on the Internet after the RBD joke.

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Bad Bunny returns to music with a new song

despite of Bad bunny Confirming that in 2023 he will take a break from his career, the reggaeton player could not resist and returned to music earlier than planned. “Preview” their new song.

The song did not come alone, as “Bad Rabbit” also released the official video in which he appeared in a simple look but full of jewelry. Although in the song the singer-songwriter retains his roots and influences from the urban genre.

Moreover, this song was released only a few days later Bad Bunny spoke out for the first time about his relationship with Kendall Jennerthe 27-year-old supermodel who is part of the Kardashian dynasty.

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