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The hardest message against Biko: “You felt small next to Shakira … You are immature”

thefor a new song Shakira“,”BZRP Music Session #53next to the rapper strangeyou add countless insinuations towards your ex Gerrard Piqueand become a trend in social networks.

From a charming figure looking into the house of Biko’s parents, neighbors of the Colombian singer, to a series of publications that have given the watches great publicity Casio by the former defender Barcelonawas a trend in the networks, more than six months after the couple’s separation.

Phrases like A wolf like me is not for men like you.and based on “I traded in a Rolex for a Casio watch.”They gave a lot to talk about in all the media around the world.

The difficult message towards Biko

Now the Catalan paparazzi Jordy MartinI leave a strong message for Beck in his account Twitter.

Martin, one of the strongest critics against the former defender of the Spanish national team, did not utter words and delivered a strong message to Shakira’s ex-husband.

“Many people support you, Gerard Picot, but I still believe that what you predicted 12 years ago. That this relationship was too big for you, that you had an inferiority complex with Shakira. You felt small next to her. I needed a 23-year-old girl I would like To thank you for it. You’re immature… You were and always will be humble.”

Responses to Jordy Martin’s tweet

Tweet Jordy Martin Uploaded around 11:00 a.m. ET, it has more than 3,000 likes four hours after it was posted, more than 200 comments and up to 672 retweets. The message was viewed by nearly 191,000 users.

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“Jordi helped us reveal that an unscrupulous bad guy and a bad father, who can’t recognize his own faults, doesn’t go through a breakup. He goes through all the damage done before and after a public show, not only harassed Shakira, but disrespected her as a mother to her children,” she says. One of hundreds of responses to Martin’s letter.