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Awkward conversation between Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and a homeless man during a Christmas event

Awkward conversation between Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and a homeless man during a Christmas event

The British Prime Minister has been criticized for his questions

british prime minister, Rishi SunakHe was criticized for his lack of contact with ordinary people, after he asked a homeless man at a charity if he was “in business” and wanted to get involved in the financial sector.

Sunak, former banker at Goldman Sachs s One of the richest people in the UKwas serving breakfast at a homeless shelter in London last Friday when she started chatting up a man who identified himself as Dean.

Are you in business?the prime minister asked the man at one point in the conversation, handing him a plate of sausages, toast and eggs.

No, I am homeless. I am really homelessthe man answered.

Angela Rainerdeputy leader of the opposition Labor Party, posted an excerpt from the exchange on Twitter, describing it as “Unbearablewhile another Labor lawmaker, Bill EstersonSunak described as Having “lost touch with reality”.

His elevation to the post of British Prime Minister in October made Sunak The richest resident of 10 Downing Streetat the time The country is facing a cost of living crisis.

This week, the prime minister made surprise phone calls to British diplomats and soldiers

Rishi Sunak also held Christmas events with the forces in Estonia (Reuters)

His office said on Friday that the world wished them a Merry Christmas.

His awkward exchange with the homeless began when The man asked your age if he was “fixing the economy.”

When the homeless man told him that he was interested in money and business, Senek told him that he also worked in finance, before asking him: “Would you like to dedicate yourself to it?“.

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Dean replied, “Yeah, I don’t mind.” “But, I don’t know, I would first like to spend Christmas“.

The UK is also experiencing a wave of social protests on a scale not seen in decades. But the government is inflexible in the face of the demands of the strikers.

(With information from Reuters)

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