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At Red Bull they think Mercedes is using the device in the strait

At Red Bull they think Mercedes is using the device in the strait

Austin, Texas /

boss Red Bull RacingAnd Christian Horner, suspected of being a World Cup contender for Drivers and Builders, mercedes, He is using the device To increase the speed on straight lines is assumed Lower the back of the cars.

“I think that It is clear that Mercedes is working on improving the machine “A straight line they can use in this kind of circuit,” Horner said. sky, according to the site motorsports, during the first free session of the program United States Grand Prix From Formula 1 that takes place at the Circuit of the Americas, in Austin (Texas).

Finn Mercedes Valtteri Bottas He beat Red Bull by about a second Max Verstappen In the first exercise, this was not possible for the Dutch player in the previous World Cup in Turkey.

If you look at the back of his car, you can see how it goes down. “I think he (in Turkey) took advantage of his strengths,” Horner said.

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff described it as a “noise”. Red Bull’s Comments.

“I think we are very aware that this is a sport where competitors are always competing They will try to see if there is some kind of miracle solution. My experience is that there is no such thing. “It’s all the small gains and marginal gains that have been added that bring in the returns,” he said.

For Wolf, the key is that they found a balance between “Between drag and downforce” on the strait.