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Are you an Immigrant in Florida?  Learn how to apply for a driving license

Are you an Immigrant in Florida? Learn how to apply for a driving license

One of the main concerns of recent immigrants to Florida is finding work immediately and being able to get around without worry in their own or rental vehicle.

That’s why a driver’s license is one of the most important documents that foreigners must request once they are legally established in the United States.

Among other benefits, the license appears to be a form of identification and is necessary to guarantee it as soon as possible, as many employers require it at the time of formalizing a contract.

In Florida, driver’s licenses are processed by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), which is responsible for issuing this type of permit in the state. Applicant must first provide personal identification as per established requirements.

In that case, the Department will accept one of the following documents: green card or Form I-551; Stamp I-551 in passport, or Form I-94; An order issued by an immigration judge granting the status of “asylum” or Form I-797, which contains the number of the client’s admission to the country.

Florida driver’s license

Once any of these supporting forms are issued, the immigrant must prove that he or she is enrolled in Social Security, either with a Social Security card (with the client’s current name), a W-2 form (not handwritten), or a payment.

Third, the FLHSMV requires the applicant to submit a valid residential address supported by a real estate title, a Florida voter registration card, and a letter from a homeless shelter, home or temporary assistance center. Need a stable home.

If the applicant lives in a relative’s household, he/she can submit letters from financial institutions, account statements and savings or investment passbook. Finally, interested parties must visit the FLHSMV offices and formally request a Florida driver’s license, where practical and theoretical tests will be conducted for approval.

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