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Apple plans to change the design of the iPad Pro to integrate MagSafe

Apple plans to change the design of the iPad Pro to integrate MagSafe

According to new reports, Apple may consider incorporating MagSafe into its logo on the new iPad Pro for 2022.

The iPad Pro from Apple has always been considered the best model among the company’s tablets. For this reason, they have tried to incorporate the best features from the brand, something we have seen in recent years. Yes , Everything points to the fact that during 2022, Apple will not be short at all in this regard.

Some time ago, we started seeing rumors about iPad Pro integration with MagSafe In the back, similar to the iPhone. This will allow for new features such as wireless charging, but will also require a redesign of the product. Yes , According to new reports, it seems that Apple will continue to work on it to launch this year.

iPad Pro 2022 will have MagSafe on the back: everything we know so far

As we mentioned according to Share 9to5macSources close to Apple seem to have told them what they’re trying to do with the iPad Pro design. as a principle , Current designs do not allow MagSafe or wireless charging due to materialsWhich is why Apple might make the iPad with a glass back.

iPad Pro 2022: Specifications, design, and everything we know

However, given how fragile it is, it seems that Apple’s latest idea is to make its logo larger on the back, similar to the MacBook Pro logo, and to have this logo made of glass. Thus MagSafe technology has been incorporated into it. To do this, the iPad Pro will have a much stronger magnet, which will ensure that the accessories are attached.

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What is more, The MagSafe in the new iPad Pro will be more powerful, allowing for faster charging speeds. This makes sense given that iPad batteries are much larger than iPhone batteries, to which we must add that it is likely that with the new iPad Pro they will improve this aspect as well.

At the same time, The 2022 iPad Pro is also expected to have a new processor somewhat more powerful than the current M1 chip.Especially if we take into account that Apple should release a new MacBook Air with another processor, perhaps the M2 chip. However, it seems that Increase screen size This year should not come yet.

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