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ANV and Economics promote academic research projects on enhanced housing policies

ANV and Economics promote academic research projects on enhanced housing policies

An agreement signed on Friday the 28th between the National Agency for Housing (ANV) and the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Administration of the University of the Republic (Udelar) will improve the quality of data on promoted real estate, in order to improve the implementation of that public policy, set forth in Law No. 18795. The president explained agency, Klaus Mill, that external vision is key.

The signing of the agreement, which took place at the headquarters of the educational institution, was also attended by the Vice-President of ANV, Gustavo Borsari, and the Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Jorge Xavier.

Law No. 18795, in addition to including benefits for private investors, is part of a broader program to facilitate access to housing for the middle-income sectors. This regulation encourages private investment in the construction, renovation or expansion of homes, whether for sale or rent.

The agreement signed Friday between ANV and Economics will enable students advanced in the profession to create research studies about the homes they are promoting. This will allow the agency to obtain data from an external perspective and will contribute to day-to-day management, Mel explained, in dialogue with the presidential liaison.

He added that the agency is studying the conditions for entering real estate, its location, and the design of projects promoted by the law.

In 2022, he entered 192 projects, including 4,586 new properties. He noted that ANV is at this moment “in a record position for subsidized housing projects” and the academic vision has a significant contribution, along with that of the investors.

The agency also signed an agreement with the College of Architecture in Audelar to digitize documents of old plans for residential complexes. Mill said that these materials will become part of the heritage of Uruguay’s architectural history and will be used for consultation by students, teachers, and future academic research. Go to cover
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