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Anuel AA posts a controversial message “throwing” Arcangel and Bad Bunny

Anuel AA posts a controversial message “throwing” Arcangel and Bad Bunny

The urban genre has recently been subject to a series of controversies among many of its popular artists. Before his concert in Washington, DC., he Puerto Rican fabric picker Anuel AA Provocation There was a stir on social media with controversial statements directed at his compatriots and colleagues. Archangel And Bad bunny.

In an interview with UnivisionReggaeton player Arcangel surprised his fans by commenting that he no longer considers Anuel AA his friend. Which sparked a quick response from the voice of “Adicto” on Instagram.

Anuel bragged that he had sold out his concert in Washington, D.C., scheduled for December 10, and used the opportunity to attack Arcangel, suggesting that his career depended on a collaboration with Bad Bunny.

“The concert in Washington D.C. is sold out and you’re the one archangel waiting for Bad Bunny to sing you a song or invite you to a concert so you can revive your career and you’re the one waiting patiently sucking **** at all the interviews.” Anuel AA said on his social networks.

Moreover, he added: “Don’t worry, he’ll take you to my merchant brother now, your album came out and no one noticed. “They put it on the back burner as soon as you arrived so you wouldn’t feel bad.”

As a response, Arcangel reminded Anuel AA that his private tour was cancelled He stated that he did not consider it a serious competition. “I finally got the courage! Hold on with both hands! Don’t worry, I know you’ll say I’m not a businessman. I’ll say you’re no contest! I repeat: Hold on with both hands! I’m done with my tour, I’ve canceled yours! Oh, and I don’t expect you to answer It. “You don’t give the league.” Arcangel expressed this through his Instagram stories.

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This exchange comes after confronting Emmanuel Gazme Santiago, whose real name is Anuel AA Health problems in October, requiring urgent surgery.

Arcangel explains that Anuel AA is not his friend

In the middle of an interview on the show “first effect” When the interpreter of “You Prefer Me” was asked about his friendship with Anuel AA, Arcangel’s response surprised the audience, as he denied any relationship with him.

“I am not his enemy either, and I do not wish him harm because this is not my superpower, this is not my special power, and it is not hatred, especially since my power is true love and good feelings.” The singer explained.